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Woody Harrelson’s Vegetarianism Was the Villain of the Cheers Reunion

Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage

In the grand scheme of the world, there are many benefits to being a vegetarian. Perhaps most important, it helps the environment, especially given that livestock pollution from animal waste is a significant harm on the planet, so decreased demand for livestock can be Earth-saving. But nobody ever talks about the adverse effects a vegetarian can have on an environment on set. Luckily, the cast of Cheers is here to enlighten us, using former co-worker Woody Harrelson as an example.

Cheers cast members reunited on Friday, June 2, at ATX Television Festival and recounted stories from their time on the iconic show 30 years ago. But Harrelson couldn’t make it, which gave the others an opening for tales that do not paint him in a particularly flattering light — or smell him in a flattering scent. “Woody’s not here, so we can rag on him,” Ted Danson (Sam) said, according to IndieWire. “Woody was a vegetarian, which meant he had horrible gas. He would come up to me sometimes during rehearsal and say, ‘Hey, I need your advice. I respect you so much.’ And he’d look me right in the eye, waiting for his fart to reach my nose. He was like a killer — he wanted to see my eyes go out.” We now have to wonder if anyone on the set of The Good Place ever farted like that in front of Danson. Our money is on D’Arcy Carden.

But that was not the sole moment of gastronomic tragedy brought on by Harrelson’s vegetarianism. George Wendt (Norm) told an entirely separate story filled with pain and terror. “[One night] we had catered Chinese food, and Woody found out after about 20 minutes that he was eating pork,” Wendt said, according to IndieWire. “And he decided to go purge. So I told him, ‘Out of solidarity, I will purge with you.’ And Ted said, ‘I’ll purge, too.’ There were only three stalls in the Stage 25 men’s room, and I’ll tell you this: You don’t want to laugh while puking.” Yes, that sounds like a recipe for getting vomit all over your multilayered polo with the popped collar (it was the ’80s, so we’re assuming that’s what people with money were wearing).

Woody Harrelson’s Vegetarianism Was the Villain of Cheers