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Mr. Shapiro Was The Life of the Never Have I Ever Premiere

Jokes. Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Just because Never Have I Ever ends on June 8, it doesn’t mean Adam Shapiro has stopped leading the youth. Before the Los Angeles premiere of the final season began, Shapiro led the audience of industry folks and young-adult fans alike in a wave that spread across the theater. The actor behind goofy history teacher Mr. Shapiro spoke with Vulture about what it’s like to see his fake students grow up into real adults, even if they were already real adults to begin with. “I loved getting to watch all the kids sort of grow up, especially Darren Barnet,” Shapiro said seriously. “I mean, he was just such a young 32-year-old, and to see him now at 58, he just looks amazing. We’ve been going to the gym together, and I’ve been giving him a lot of tips, because he never looks good without a shirt on. He started lifting weights and following my advice, and the proof is in the pudding; he looks great. Just wait for the old Mr. Shapiro shirt-off scene.” Yeah, maybe they’ll save that for the ten-year high-school reunion.

Mr. Shapiro Was the Life of the Never Have I Ever Premiere