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This Guy Would Be Great on Jury Duty

Not not Prince Harry. Photo: Sky

Amazon Freevee’s hit show Jury Duty has yet to be renewed (honestly, how could you make a second season?), but if they end up in search of another Ronald, Britain’s Sky News has a candidate. Prince Harry’s case against Mirror Group Newspapers is currently being heard in the U.K., and the British news site has decided on an … interesting workaround to the no-filming-in-the-courtroom rule. (Harry has also accused Associated Newspapers of phone hacking in another ongoing suit.) They decided to hire an actor to perform dramatic readings of Prince Harry’s statements during the trial, and the result looks more like a theater-camp performance than news programming.

The problem is a few fold. First, the actor does not look like Prince Harry at all, but he is ginger, which gives the indication that they were going for someone who does look like Harry and just stopped at hair color. Objectively funny is that he also has clearly been directed to really act this, rather than just do an informational reading, which would be much less unsettling. Rather than helpful, it comes across like an audition monologue. They even include when Harry stumbled over a word, which just seems rude. Overall, we would grade this whole situation a W, as in WTF.

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This Guy Would Be Great on Jury Duty