Season Three of Reservation Dogs Will Be Its Last

Photo: Shane Brown/FX

Shitass. Series creator Sterlin Harjo has announced that the upcoming third season of Reservation Dogs will also be its last. In an Instagram post sandwiched between cute group pics of the cast, Harjo shared a written statement about the acclaimed FX on Hulu comedy, calling the news “the correct decision creatively for the show. I always knew what the end of this story would be, I just didn’t know when it would arrive. As we continued to break stories and write scripts this season, it became clear to the producers, Taika [Waititi] and me that the season three finale is the perfect SERIES finale.”

Harjo goes on to say that he never thought the show would be made in the first place, because most film and television depictions of Native people and Native humor have been untruthful. “Most important of all, it has been a dream to collaborate and make a show that is entirely written by, directed by and stars Native people. These are our stories, and they represent our people. We know it’s an enormous responsibility and we never took that lightly.” Harjo says that the show received support throughout from FX and Hulu.

The message ends on a hopeful note for fans of the Rez Dogs, teasing future projects within the show’s world, with the same characters. “Although it’s the end of this story, it’s likely you will see Elora Danan, Bear Smallhill, Willie Jack, Cheese Williams and other characters in the Rez Dogs universe show up in other stories to come.” And, of course, we still have a whole season to go before we have to say good-bye, as season three debuts on August 3. Until then, as Harjo signs off, “Love you bitch.”

Season Three of Reservation Dogs Will Be Its Last