Son of Fantastic Four Co-Creator Jack Kirby Criticizes Stan Lee Documentary


Shortly after the release of Disney+’s documentary, Stan Lee, the son of Fantastic Four co-creator Jack Kirby released a statement on Twitter, expressing his discontent with the film, as Lee is largely associated with the creation of most Marvel characters. “Are we to assume Lee had a hand in creating every Marvel character? Are we to assume that it was never the other cocreator that walked into Lee’s office and said, ‘Stan I have a great idea for a character!’ According to Lee, it was always his idea. Lee spends a fair amount of time talking about how and why he created the Fantastic Four, with only one fleeting reference to my father,” wrote Neal Kirby, Jack’s son, on his daughter Jillian’s Twitter. He claims that while someone like Lee can craft an idea, it takes a team of artists to bring it to life. Neal also says that Lee’s heavy involvement in the MCU cemented him as the “sole” visionary for Marvel, especially with his cameos.

A day later, on Father’s Day, Jillian thanked comic book fans for their support on the family’s message. She wrote, “My grandfather, Jack Kirby, is actually trending on twitter. The kind support from so many is so appreciated by my dad, mom, and myself.”

Son of Fantastic Four’s Jack Kirby Criticizes Stan Lee Doc