Islanders Are Searching for Missing Rita Ora Love Island U.K. Episode

Photo: Maree Williams/Getty Images

Someone missing from an island? What is this, 2004? American Love Island U.K. fans already have to wait around two weeks to watch new episodes, and now they’ve discovered that three of the latest episodes have been removed from Hulu, including one episode that featured a performance by Rita Ora. Fans began speculating that there were licensing issues with the episode that resulted in its removal. However, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the problem was actually with the closed captioning in the pulled episodes. As of Tuesday, July 25, episode 50 (a.k.a. Rita Ora’s episode) has been restored to the streamer, with episodes 51, 52, and the upcoming episode 53 coming soon to the States. It’s almost like at the end of the day, you needed them (Love Island episodes), and they needed you (votes).

Why Was Rita Ora’s Love Island U.K. Episode Missing?