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Doja Cat Said What She Said in the ‘Paint the Town Red’ Video

Doja Cat is once again getting her Kittens to see red. After recently experiencing a mass unstanning due to her controversial boyfriend, disapproval of her fandom name, and general attitude toward fans, Doja dropped a music video for a colorful new addition to her discography on Friday. “Paint the Town Red” features lyrics that can certainly be read as a dismissal of people who don’t like her. “Yeah, bitch, I said what I said / I’d rather be famous instead,” she raps on the new single. “I let all that get to my head / I don’t care, I paint the town red.” In the music video, she poses with the Grim Reaper while wearing all red, down to her contacts. “My happiness is all of your misery,” she notes. Whether intentional or not, that seems like applicable to fan criticism of her choice to date a man who has been accused of sexual misconduct. Given the track’s title, it would appear that these lyrics are written from the perspective of Doja Cat’s combative, attention-grabbing new alter ego, Scarlet. We suppose this means we’re one step closer to her upcoming fourth album being red-dy.

Doja Cat Said What She Said in ‘Paint the Town Red’