A Major Case of the Mondays This Labor Day

As Vulture’s own Anne Victoria Clark said on Twitter, “Jimmy Buffett dying on Labor Day weekend is the most over summer has ever been.” This Labor Day is perhaps the worst Case of the Mondays Parrot Heads and keets alike have endured. But to get through this time, the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me has provided us with the perfect playlist. The three brothers in podcasting and real life turned eldest brother Justin McElroy’s nascent Buffett standom into a recurring bit on the show — one that would blossom into meeting Buffett and working the red carpet for the premiere of Escape to Margaritaville. And it all started with Spotify lurking. In MBMBAM episode 220 (“Pissbeards and Pooh Corner”), babiest brother Griffin McElroy put his elder brother on blast, reading off his most recent plays on Spotify with increasing intensity. It was an all-Buffett, all-day situation. “What the fuck happened to you?” asked Griffin. “Are you possessed?!” All Justin can offer as an explanation: “I had a case of the Mondays.”

Rach (a.k.a. Thneed Girl on TikTok) has curated the complete Justin McElroy Case of the Mondays, perfect for honoring the Main Marg Man this Labor Day. Put your Margaritaville crocs on at half-mast, and unwind.

Fight a Case of the Mondays With This Jimmy Buffett Tribute