Steve Harwell Is Reportedly in Hospice Care for Liver Failure

Photo: Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle

Steve Harwell, former lead singer for Smash Mouth, has reached the final stage of liver failure and is expected to die within roughly a week or so. TMZ first reported the news, which a representative for Harwell confirmed to Vulture. The 56-year-old is currently resting at home and being cared for by his fiancée and hospice care. “He is surrounded by Family and Friends,” the representative wrote in a statement to Vulture. “My only additional comment is that we would hope that people would respect Steve and his family’s privacy during this difficult time.” Harwell retired from music in 2021, shortly after a concerning performance where he slurred his speech and yelled at the audience. At the time, sources told TMZ that he had been battling a number of health issues, including cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and Wernicke’s encephalopathy, which were reportedly exacerbated by his struggles with alcohol use over the years.

This is a developing story.

Steve Harwell Reportedly in Hospice Care for Liver Failure