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  1. anne heche
    Anne Heche Has Been Taken Off Life Support She was found a viable candidate for organ donation.
  2. what we know
    Salman Rushdie Is on the ‘Road to Recovery’ Following Gruesome Attack The acclaimed author was grievously wounded and remains hospitalized but was taken off a ventilator and again able to speak on Saturday.
  3. lingering questions
    Who Actually Died in That Westworld Finale? Are we being tricked? Possibly.
  4. awards chatter
    Janelle James Won ‘Most Shocked’ at 2022 HCAs But also a big night for Better Caul Saul!
  5. books
    Salman Rushdie Talking, Joking After Stabbing He may still lose an eye, however.
  6. tributes
    Watch the Chicks Cover Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ Natalie Maines called the late star “a worldwide sweetheart.”
  7. no feet pics pls
    Ringo Starr Promotes Get Back Blu-Ray With New Footage Peace and love.
  8. anne heche
    Police No Longer Investigating Anne Heche Car Crash “When a person suspected of a crime expires, we do not present for filing consideration.”
  9. team stancy
    Stranger Things Fan Megan Thee Stallion Declares Herself ‘Team Stancy’ “Y’all keep throwing the kids on him to babysit. He keeps saving y’all life. All he do is save y’all life.”
  10. the law
    FBI Says Rust Gun Could Not Fire Without Trigger Pull Contradicting Alec Baldwin’s prior claims.
  11. rip
    Comedian and Actor Teddy Ray Dead at 32 He wrote and starred in many viral comedy sketches for All Def Comedy.
  12. rumor mill
    Martha Stewart Calls Pete Davidson ‘the Son I Never Had’ “He is a charming boy who is finding his way.”
  13. tributes
    Ellen DeGeneres, Rosanna Arquette, and More Remember Anne Heche “This is a sad day.”
  14. dinner party
    Where Are You Sitting This Week? With Maren, Megan, Merrick, or Rita Waititi-Ora.
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