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It’s a Beard-Off: Stephen Colbert Challenges Alex Trebek

The season premiere of Jeopardy! this week also served as the debut of TV’s latest beard, the one on Alex Trebek’s face. But, not everyone was excited about this latest addition to the television host beard-iverse. During his monologue on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert fumed that Trebek’s whiskers were nothing more than a “cheap, Canadian knockoff of the Colbeard.” In an effort to reattain his beard’s rightful place as the saltiest beard in television, Colbert challenged Trebek to a trivia challenge, the loser of which would be forced to shave. Oh, and thankfully he did clarify that the loser would need to shave his beard. So far it appears Jimmy Kimmel’s beard is staying out of it.