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The Fearless Freedom of Henry Taylor

His new retrospective at the Whitney is the best show of 2023.
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Jerry Saltz’s 33 Rules for Being an Artist

How to go from clueless amateur to generational talent (or at least live life a little more creatively).
art review

Three Jews and a Painting

Who is Marc Dennis teasing?
  1. art
    A 19th Century Masterpiece That Scandalizes StillManet’s Olympia, now on view at the Met, remains as disturbing as ever.
  2. art review
    The Deadpan Precision of Ed RuschaCars, suntans, palm trees, and swimming pools.
  3. doja cat
    Doja Cat’s New Scarlet Cover Isn’t Even ScarletAfter changing it to avoid having similar art to the metal band Chaver.
  4. fall preview 2023
    10 Art Shows We Can’t Wait to See This FallA wealth of dazzling shows will renew your faith in art’s capacity to do more than mint money.
  5. art-ificial intelligence
    AI-Generated Art Is Not Copyrightable, Judge Rules“Human authorship is an essential part of a valid copyright claim.”
  6. remembrance
    Brice Marden’s Infinitesimal HingeThe artist, who died this week at the age of 84, made minimalism new.
  7. art review
    Agata Slowak’s Personal JesusThe Polish artist’s classically inspired paintings put a new spin on Catholicism and Freud.
  8. art review
    The Subversive Self-Portraits of Iiu Susiraja“Being blank is the same as being real,” she has said.
  9. art review
    A Persia of the Mind and the LoinsThe sensual drawings of Reza Shafahi.
  10. art review
    When Did Art Fairs Become Painting Fairs?The numbing sameness of the art world’s tent-city souks.
  11. art review
    Nina Katchadourian’s Hidden ConnectionsThe artist has turned the Morgan into a cabinet of curiosities.
  12. rip
    Kenneth Anger, Vanguard of Queer Experimental Cinema, Dead at 96Known for the classic shorts Fireworks (1947) and Scorpio Rising (1963).
  13. art
    Warhol Against the Supreme Court and BeyondWhat a renewed obsession with copyright says about the state of artistic appropriation.
  14. cannes 2023
    An Artist Transfers Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt to PrintJean Curran handmade 13 prints from the film’s original reel — just in time for its 60th-anniversary presentation at Cannes.
  15. the law
    Supreme Court Rules Warhol’s Prince Portrait Isn’t Diff-print EnoughPhotographer Lynn Goldsmith won her copyright suit against Warhol’s estate.
  16. art review
    Kyle Dunn’s Night FeverA new show examines moments of strange, intense emotion.
  17. great rooms
    Hugh Hayden Makes Art in a Former Fruit WarehouseZebras and Barbies and bears and a dog named Mars.
  18. media digest
    The Atlantic Taps New Cover Artist BonoThe U2 singer called his Zelenskyy portrait “a few squiggles and I just got out of the way.”
  19. walk walk fashion baby
    La La Anthony, Chloe Fineman Will Play Fashion Correspondents at Met Gala 2023Here’s how to watch them host the event’s red carpet, together with Derek Blasberg and Emma Chamberlain.
  20. art review
    The Joyful Confessions of XiyadieA new show explores the hidden pleasures and regrets of a gay artist from China.
  21. profile
    Jaune Quick-to-See Smith Can’t Believe She’s Still the FirstHer new Whitney retrospective is the only one so far to honor a Native American artist. She’s not doing it alone: “My community comes with me.”
  22. a long talk
    Al Jaffee Is Ready to Be Added to Mount RushmoreMAD’s longest-serving contributor on comedy, art, and the origins of the “Fold-in.”
  23. art review
    Sarah Sze’s Big Little ThingsThe interstitial worlds of “Timelapse” take over the Guggenheim.
  24. profile
    Nan Goldin’s Happy EndingThe demimonde photographer long considered herself a filmmaker. Then Laura Poitras made a documentary about her.
  25. art review
    An Artist Reckons With the ‘Fat’ BodyShona McAndrew says she didn’t look at herself in a mirror for ten years.
  26. vulture investigates
    Who Is Big Twitchy, Miley Cyrus’s Endless Summer Vacation Star?And what does Harmony Korine have to do with it?
  27. art review
    The Beaded Masterpieces of Myrlande ConstantThe master weaver writes Haitian myths anew.
  28. vulture investigates
    In Search of Tom and Katie’s ‘Bubba’ PaintingWith the Vanderpump Rules stars divorcing, who gets custody of this quintessential part of the Bravo interior-design canon?
  29. art review
    The Magical Last Hours of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres ShowHow viewers can change the meaning of a great artist’s work.
  30. art
    MoMA’s Glorified Lava LampRefik Anadol’s Unsupervised is a crowd-pleasing, like-generating mediocrity.
  31. art
    Felix Gonzalez-Torres Never Saw This Work EitherNearly 30 years after the artist’s death, David Zwirner stages two pieces never manifested during his lifetime. How should we think about them?
  32. national treasure
    Madonna May Own a French Painting Thought to Have Been Destroyed in WWIAnd now, Amiens is asking the “Material Girl” to lend the tableau back.
  33. art
    William Eggleston’s Atmospheric DisturbancesHis photographs from the 1970s are a clairvoyant glimpse of the future.
  34. the year of the nepo baby
    When Dominating the Art Market Is the Family BusinessMeet the art-dealer dynasties who move Warhols and Monets — and their scandal-prone heirs.
  35. best of 2022
    The Best New York Art Shows of 2022Gonzo quilting, Mayan sculpture, and one wild, egalitarian group show made this a great year to hit the galleries.
  36. art is a prank
    Art Basel Is Trolling the Rich AgainFrom the makers of “Banana Duct Taped to Wall” comes an ATM that ranks your wealth.
  37. rip
    Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Rebellious Cartoonist, Dead at 74The artist was known for her feminist, autobiographical comics.
  38. podcasts
    What Happened to Ana MendietaShe was a pathbreaking artist, hungry for recognition. A podcast reexamines how her 1985 death made headlines instead.
  39. remembrance
    Remembering Lee Bontecou and Her Volcanic Hell HolesThe visionary artist died this week at age 91.
  40. art
    A Painting for a World in CollapseWhat The Raft of the Medusa reveals about contemporary political art.
  41. rip
    Peter Schjeldahl, Art Critic for The New Yorker, Dead at 80Schjeldahl, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019, wrote the towering personal essay “The Art of Dying.”
  42. the law
    Clarence Thomas Is Only a Part-Time Prince FanAs we learned during arguments in Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith.
  43. 1.5x speed
    An Art-World Scandal (and 6 More Podcasts Worth Checking Out)Death of an Artist, Blowback, and more.
  44. art
    Brad Pitt Not So Subtly Processed His Divorce Through SculptureAnd he recently debuted those pieces at a show in Finland.
  45. art
    Wolfgang Tillmans Changed What Photos Look LikeA career retrospective becomes a cathedral of the mundane.
  46. fall preview
    10 Art Shows We Can’t Wait to See This FallWolfgang Tillmans at MoMA, Theaster Gates at the New Museum, and a bid for W.E.B. Du Bois as America’s first abstract artist.
  47. for sale
    Paul Allen’s $1 Billion Art Collection Will Be Sold for CharityThe late Microsoft co-founder’s collection is going up for grabs in the largest art auction ever.
  48. encounter
    Beeple’s Post-NFT ChapterThe digital artist made a pile of money on NFTs before the crypto market crashed. Now he has his eyes on the art world.
  49. rip
    Claes Oldenburg, Pop Art Giant, Dead at 93The artist was best known for expanding everyday objects to glorious sizes.
  50. scams
    Chloe Fineman Almost Got Got by Anna DelveyThe SNL star finally received the sketch she ordered, after telling The View she never got it.
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