90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: The Other Way Gives Us Everything We Wanted

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

The Other Woman
Season 3 Episode 7
Editor’s Rating 5 stars

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

The Other Woman
Season 3 Episode 7
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
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“The Other Woman” gives us the conversations we’ve been waiting on since the season premiered. From the moment Alina swallows her wine, I needed to pace my own drinking to keep up with the twists and turns this episode provides. The pace of this season has felt like a gift. We’re only seven episodes in, and Steven has already admitted to kissing 100 girls and having sex with four or five! Of course, Alina needed to drink some wine after finding out this guy who has made a massive point about her being a virgin has lied about everything!

Previous seasons might have teased this information out until the season’s penultimate episode, but they’re just ripping the Band-Aid off! Not only does Steven reveal this to Alina, but her mom comes to town and also finds out Steven is a gross weirdo child liar. I’m glad Alina’s mom is around because Steven is really good at getting Alina to go along with his lies. Her mom isn’t impressed by his gifts, ability to speak Russian, or odd way of eating chocolate. The second she spends any real time with Steven, I know she’ll pack Alina’s bags herself and take her back to Russia. Now that I don’t feel like Alina will be swayed by Steven, it’s kind of fun just watching him ruin things.

“The Other Woman” sees a lot of this season’s couples separating, but since most of this season’s couples shouldn’t be together, it mostly feels great! I knew Corey and Evelin would be done the second Corey revealed he lied about looking for jobs to meet up with Jenny. If Corey didn’t have feelings for Jenny, he wouldn’t have set up this conversation. There’s no reason for him to meet with this woman! He’s married and planning another wedding ceremony! But you can tell from how he says “Hola Jenny” that Corey is hooked on this girl! Corey lies to himself (and others) a lot, so he’s not willing to admit that he could still like Jenny, but Evelin sees through him right away.

While I still don’t have a ton of sympathy for Evelin, I think she’s right to end things with this man she’s hated for so long. She’s been sick of Corey’s lies and cowardice for a long time, and these two have just been passive-aggressively pissing each other off more and more since they got back together. I genuinely hope this is the end of their relationship. Also, Corey still has a shot with Jenny.

The other couple separating this week are Bini and Ari. They don’t break up, but Ari does head off to America. In fact, Ari gives Bini a FAMILY FOREVER promise ring in one of the most pandering displays of fake affection I’ve ever seen on this show. At this point, Ari isn’t even pretending she’s just going to America for Avi’s surgery. Now she says she wants to see her family, she wants them to see the baby, and she’s homesick (it also probably doesn’t hurt that Leandro is back there).

If Ari had told Bini before buying the tickets, I’d maybe believe she had good intentions, but this just feels like a setup to me! She’s using any excuse she can find to go home, and I think she’ll latch on to any reason to stay home. I think Bini knows this too and has sensed the distance between them in their relationship. He broke my heart in this episode. The man genuinely loves his family.

Sumit also loves his family; it just so happens that he doesn’t consider Jenny to be a part of that family. Sumit’s family-counseling session reveals a lot about Sumit’s priorities. Jenny is finally starting to see that Sumit doesn’t want to marry her, and he does agree with his parents’ feelings. I think Jenny thought the therapist would just take her side, but the therapist shows more sympathy for Sumit’s parents’ concerns. Any feeling I’ve had that Sumit genuinely loves Jenny goes out the window when he acts excited about the possibility of his parents moving in with them. They hate Jenny, and he has to know his parents will make life hell for her. That has to be what he wants! He wants his parents to run Jenny out of the country because he isn’t brave enough to end things with her.

And will I enjoy every moment of it? Absolutely. My sympathy for Jenny ran out a long time ago. She doesn’t want to see Sumit for who he really is. I kind of agree with Sumit’s mom at this point: Jenny can go be miserable in America with her family if she’s just going to be miserable with Sumit now.

The only couple keeping us afloat this week are, of course, Kenny and Armando. The last time they had to go to city hall for their marriage certificate, they were denied because they were missing a letter from the Human Rights Campaign. At the same time, the lady did tell them that was just a formality and they’d eventually get approved. Well, in this episode they get approval without taking those extra steps thanks to a change in local law. They no longer need a letter and can just get married! Even though we knew they’d get approved, it still shows us how different things are where Armando lives.

The major cultural divide between Kenny and Armando continues to be an issue even when they find new stability. These two have overcome a lot: Armando came out of the closet more. Armando’s family opened up a bit. Kenny feels more at home, but now the issue of children comes up. Armando wants to use a surrogate, but Kenny wants to adopt (if he even wants more kids?!). Kenny doesn’t realize how much harder adopting will be in a country that made them jump through hoops to get married. Armando doesn’t seem to understand that Kenny needs more stability before making this leap. While, personally, I still believe they should wait until Kenny can form a full sentence in Spanish before considering children.

90 Day Notes

• No Ellie and Victor this week; we’re still waiting for Ellie to confront Victor about his infidelity (a conversation everyone wants to have after surviving a hurricane and losing everything).

• Sumit’s mom is truly an evil mastermind, the way she got Sumit and the therapist to convince Jenny it was a good idea for them to all live together. Jenny shouldn’t have to prove herself as a daughter-in-law, and Sumit has to know his parents will never be impressed by her. Also, why did Sumit decide to have that important conversation at the busiest monkey hangout in town?

• What was worse? Steven eating the chocolate this episode or tonguing the wine the last episode?

• Corey has to know Evelin isn’t going to be happy when she finds out he met up with Jenny. He just needs to leave.

• Alina’s mom called Steven and their relationship out immediately.

• Ari had the NERVE to tell Bini not to take his ring off, but Bini wasn’t the one who had a problem keeping his ring on, Ari!! You were the one taking your ring off, Ari!!!!

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap