90 Day Fiancé Recap: There’s Always Crying Before the Wedding

90 Day Fiancé

Love Me or Leave Me
Season 8 Episode 15
Editor’s Rating 5 stars

90 Day Fiancé

Love Me or Leave Me
Season 8 Episode 15
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
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If you’re keeping score this season, we currently have four upcoming weddings, three breakups, and, surprisingly, one brand-new relationship. “Love Me or Leave Me” does a great job of checking in on every couple so we know where everyone stands with each other. Mostly, that means there’s a lot of sobbing. Amira and Andrew and Natalie and Mike both end their relationships, and Amira and Natalie submit their best attempts to overtake Darcey’s spot as 90 Day Fiancé’s Biggest Crier.

Natalie and Mike were almost too annoying to watch this week. Their relationship is over and Mike has convinced a friend to take Natalie to a hotel before her flight. Natalie is lashing out at everyone, including Uncle Bo. In one of my new favorite 90 Day moments, Uncle Bo asks Natalie to keep in touch in a way where you can tell he really doesn’t mean it — like, at most he means, “add me on Instagram” — but Natalie just looks him right in the face and goes, “No, I will not keep in touch.” Honestly, Uncle Bo looked relieved. He’s probably just happy he can move back into his room now that Natalie is gone.

And, of course, Natalie isn’t much nicer to Mike’s neighbor as she drives her to the hotel. Along the way, the neighbor starts getting texts from Mike, and that’s when I started to think something was up. When they get to the hotel, Natalie can’t check in without Mike’s card, which is like … Hotel 101. The neighbor says they have to go back to Mike’s, and when they do, we find out Natalie kept Mike’s ring. I think Mike did this on purpose to force Natalie back to ask about the ring. She left in a rush, but her flight isn’t until the next day, and you can check into a hotel at any time. Natalie wanted to get out of there with the ring ASAP! And why would Mike “just want a hug” if he’s just giving them his credit card? He wanted to pat her down for that ring! I believe Mike mentioned it was his mother’s ring, so I understand why he’d want it back. Honestly, if these two do end up back together, I’d bet it’s a long con on Mike’s part to get the ring back.

While I don’t think Natalie’s performance was genuine enough to take Darcey’s spot, Amira at least came close. When producers originally explain that Amira didn’t come to America, they show it from Andrew’s perspective. He says he doesn’t really understand why Amira didn’t get on her flight and then he says he “messed up,” but he mostly makes it seem like Amira just changed her mind at the last minute. Then we see Amira’s side of things and every manipulative red flag I called out about Andrew is proven right! After arguing with Amira about children, Andrew escalated the situation by attacking Amira via text. When you see the messages, it’s clear Andrew doesn’t really love her and is more interested in how much he can control her. At no point does Amira say she wants to end their relationship. She even considers another flight to America. But what does Andrew do? After subjecting her to even more abusive texts, he buys her a ticket back home and forces her to choose! It’s so immature, it’s easy to understand why Amira chooses to go home. How can she trust him if he can turn on her so quickly?

Amira sobs and sobs while she explains the panic attack she had while waiting to board the plane, and I do feel bad for her. I think she really believed in the romance she shared with Andrew. That being said, I need homegirl to get it together because Andrew does not deserve her at all! She just needs to meet up with her friend, drink some French 75s (I Googled “popular French cocktails” for this), dissect everything Andrew did wrong in those texts, and accept that she dodged a bullet.

Stephanie almost pushes things with Harris to the point of tears, but manages to show more restraint with him than she did with Ryan. It turns out Ryan hasn’t stopped contacting Stephanie, and it’s weird how Stephanie uses this to make Harris compete for her in a way. Ryan is still talking to Stephanie, but Stephanie acts like it’s a problem that Harris still has a relationship with the woman he has children with. Harris doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s using the “snack” money Stephanie gave him to support his kids and family. Harris understands that Stephanie is a job and he’s willing to do that job better than Ryan did, but the way he talks about her makes it obvious he isn’t in love. Maybe reality will hit Stephanie before she files new K-1 paperwork for Harris.

For our four pending marriages, I’m split on who I think will actually end up married. Brandon and Julia are clearly going to go through with their paperwork ceremony, even if Brandon is way too immature to get married. And while Julia is frustrated with him, his parents won’t let him mess this up. I’ve always had faith in Tarik and Hazel, even though Tarik has also been messing up a lot lately. In the end, I don’t see Hazel going home, because they really do work through their issues. Also, these two really get each other. I’ve never seen Hazel as happy as she was when she watched the stripper Tarik got her. He really does know his fiancé. While Hazel wasn’t surprised, my favorite response was Tarik’s friend who exclaimed, “The child walked in naked!”

On the other side, I’m full of fear for Jovi and Yara. My star couple is crumbling under the weight of their Las Vegas wedding and Jovi’s idiocy. Jovi is far more interested in partying with his friends — the same friends who could accidentally reveal to Yara that Jovi went to a private room with a stripper the night before their wedding. It’s a tense situation since Yara didn’t even want them there. My girl Yara doesn’t hold back her feelings, though, and communicates her needs. She wants Jovi to prioritize her, their baby, and their wedding. Jovi agrees to stay with Yara for the night, but I really don’t know if he’ll be able to keep up his “good boy” act until the vows are done.

And finally, there’s Rebecca and Zied. With no help from Zied, Rebecca wills her entire wedding day into existence. She can’t have the wedding of her dreams due to COVID, but she gets pretty close. She also invites her most supportive friend, who encourages Rebecca even though she has cold feet. Rebecca points out the obvious: They’re rushing, they still have a lot of problems. If Rebecca’s other friend had been there (the one who revealed Rebecca lived in the same building with her ex), I think she would’ve agreed with Rebecca’s assessment. Instead, it’s all up to Rebecca to realize something is wrong and put an end to this before it’s too late.

90 Day Notes

• Natalie was really trying to scam with those hysterics!! Mike must be mad, he just gave her the ring back like two weeks ago and now she’s off with it like a bandit.

• Please, Amira, do not give Andrew another chance.

• It’s odd that Tarik clearly knows what kind of women Hazel is attracted to, but continues to pursue women she tells him not to talk to.

• Brandon is finally starting to realize he might not be ready for marriage, and his parents see it too.

• I truly believe Harris took that $100 bill straight to a bank and made sure it was real.

90 Day Fiancé: There’s Always Crying Before the Wedding