90 Day Fiancé Recap: Emily and Kobe Break Their One Rule

90 Day Fiancé

The Elephant in the Womb
Season 9 Episode 13
Editor’s Rating 5 stars

90 Day Fiancé

The Elephant in the Womb
Season 9 Episode 13
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
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Emily, Emily, Emily … your parents had one rule: Don’t get pregnant. Kobe apparently told Emily not to take birth control (I do not understand why you would let a man make that choice for you, but okay!) while Emily promised Kobe that she was using the rhythm method and they’d be fine just pulling out. Obviously, this didn’t work because a quick pregnancy test in a CVS bathroom confirms the “elephant in the womb.”

Kobe is upset about this development since he promised her parents they would be careful. Is Emily empathetic to that? No! She encourages Kobe to lie until after the wedding! What could go wrong? Luckily, I think Emily’s family will understand that Emily is also to blame, and they won’t get mad at Kobe. Emily wants to have more kids, but she isn’t thinking about the realities of their finances. Kobe still can’t work! Emily is a babysitter! I hope Emily’s family finally forces her to deal with things on her own once they discover she hid this from them. I feel bad for Kobe, but it takes two to tango, and he knew they weren’t on birth control!

I also feel bad for Guillermo now that Kara’s mean, domineering side has returned. She doesn’t trust Guillermo to write his vows with proper grammar but thinks he should be her husband? I think Kara just wants a kid she can boss around. Guillermo hasn’t been particularly immature or irresponsible, so why does Kara doubt his ability to schedule a haircut? Guillermo speaks English and he has access to translator apps; I’m sure the kid can manage helping out with some wedding errands! She’ll never treat him like an adult, and Guillermo is seeing the red flags way too late.

At this point, Shaeeda has faced so many red flags I cannot feel bad for her! This time, Bilal takes her to a romantic picnic. Shaeeda tries to open up about Bilal’s ex-wife making her uncomfortable, but he deflects and brings up the prenup again! This is probably the fourth romantic date Bilal has ruined with this prenup talk! Shaeeda, there’s no way you believe this man cares about you when he can’t even listen to your problems! It also doesn’t matter if Shaeeda plans on cheating or leaving Bilal since Bilal could do those things to Shaeeda!

Yve is finally paying attention to all the red flags around Mohamed, but at this point, they aren’t really red flags. They’re just direct threats from Mohamed, who says he’ll find a new sponsor if Yve doesn’t do what he wants. First of all, the K-1 visa process is complicated and sponsors take on financial and legal burdens. It is very unlikely that Mohamed could just go meet a new woman and complete the process in a month. Either way, he will still have to wait! So why not give Yve, the supposed love of his life, the wedding she wants? He calls Yve selfish, but he’s only thinking about himself. Watching Yve cry over a man who has no feelings for her was painful.

At least when it comes to Thais and Patrick, they’re making some positive progress. Like John said, “They’ve got to tell the fatha!” and this week Thais … says she’ll tell her father! These two are still good at discussing their issues, but we don’t see much action on the other side of these conversations. It feels like Patrick is just going through the steps, as John said. He just sees a task and he’s getting it done. It’s also not great that he chose Thais’ makeup and hair artists for her wedding; like Guillermo, she’s an adult who can figure it out!

Jibri and Miona spend the entire episode in their matching cardigans. They’re basically already married. The show is trying to create drama out of the miscommunication between Miona and Jibri’s parents, but it doesn’t have much impact. If Miona and Jibri want to elope and have a larger wedding later, that seems fair, given their circumstances. This isn’t a situation like Mohamed where he wants to get his green card and go back home quickly. Miona is here for Jibri, and these two are really in love! Their love isn’t particularly interesting, but there’s no reason for Jibri’s parents to be so negative about it.

Maybe most of these couples shouldn’t be together, but “The Elephant in the Womb” shows us this season can have real drama without Ari and Bini. Yve and Mohamed have finally hit a breaking point! Shaeeda will probably finally sign that prenup! Kara is being rude again! Jibri and Miona are still the weakest link, but the other couples are finally addressing the … elephants … in the womb. Sorry, I just had to point out the name of this episode one more time.

90 Day Notes

• Shaeeda, you can say Bilal is a romantic person every day of my life, but I will never believe it. I also don’t think it’s great that anything she earns in their marriage has to be shared if they get a divorce, according to Bilal’s prenup!

• Emily is not an adult! There was no reason to set it up like a surprise; just tell Kobe you might be pregnant!

• Jibri’s mother is too annoying to deal with anymore, let your son be an adult! Jibri’s dad finally found some bass in his voice, though!

• Mohamed, why do you need to travel to Egypt so soon?? You knew you were leaving your mother when you decided to marry someone who lives in America!

• John asking if the shop clerk had more delicate fingers was adorable. Everything about The John and Patrick Brother Hour is perfect. I hope they get to have a bachelor party! I was so happy Patrick called Thais out about not communicating! You lied to your dad, Thais!

• Guillermo, listen to that random woman who did your hair! Kara chugging her drink when Guillermo was trying to have an honest conversation summarizes their entire dynamic.

90 Day Fiancé Recap: Emily and Kobe Break Their One Rule!