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It’s Time to Talk About the ‘Twerkulator’ TikTok Dance

City Girls, JT and Yung Miami. Photo: 2020HHA/Getty Images via Getty Images

When have we needed a song called “Twerkulator” more? Baddies everywhere have declared summer at a standstill until City Girls release their viral unreleased track, “Twerkulator.” A snippet of the bouncy back-and-forth between JT and Yung Miami originally leaked last year, but it is currently ascending on TikTok with choreo by 20-year-old dancer Layla Muhammad (@layzchipz). “When I do my dance, money fight, these n - - - - - throwin’ bands,” JT raps ahead of the chorus. “JT, I ain’t playin’ / Li’l bitch, I’on want your man / But these rich n - - - - - throwin’ paper / Now it’s time for the twerkulator.” Just imagine the whole vaccinated crew getting it when the beat comes in. The sound has been used over 160,000 times on TikTok, and Muhammad’s original post has over 8.5 million views. On Twitter, fans are ready for what could be a Top 40 hit for the female rapping duo behind City on Lock. So what’s stopping “Twerkulator” from becoming this summer’s “Savage”? On March 23, Yung Miami tweeted that the sample they used for the track — “Planet Rock,” by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force — wasn’t cleared. Okay, rude. While they work on that, dance along to some of the best “Twerkulator” TikToks below.

The one you have to thank for all that joy.

Yung Miami, whose real name is Caresha Brownlee, attempted the dance on Instagram Live on April 1, giving fans hope.

Remember the creator behind the “Shirt,” by SZA, dance? This is him popularizing yet another unreleased track.

Former Viner Quen Blackwell hopped on it.

A much-needed tutorial on how to buss it in the car.

One word: execution. They killed it.

Give it up for Rico Nasty, who stays on top of TikTok trends. When are y’all gonna give her a viral dance, huh?

It’s Time to Talk About the ‘Twerkulator’ TikTok Dance