Peacocktober Slides a 30 Percent Discount Under the Table

Illustration: Martin Gee

Peacock debuting a deal right as Halloween Kills drops on the streaming service? How convenient! The streamer is introducing a very limited-time deal to get six months of Peacock Premium for $20.96. Now, as a writer, percentage breakdowns are not my strong suit, but I can let you know through extensive (!) research (!) — a.k.a. a calculator and a quick look at Peacock Premium’s FAQ page for pricing — that you get a little less than $9 off with this deal. That’s 30 percent off, since the cost of a six-month Peacock Premium subscription ordinarily is about $30. Nine bucks saved is not too shabby when you can easily funnel that toward a quick Starbucks run.

Don't have Peacock Premium?

But back to the deal! It only applies to new subscribers. To access it, one must create a Peacock account and put in the code TODAY30. From there, you get your little treat of a deal, just in time for Peacocktober. And yes, that is a word Peacock is using.

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Peacocktober Slides a 30 Percent Discount Under the Table