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Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage Will Stream Live on Netflix

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Chris Rock’s first stand-up-comedy special since 2018’s Tamborine is finally on the way, and true to Rock’s legacy as a groundbreaking comedian, it will be a first of its kind. Netflix will stream Chris Rock: Selective Outrage live on March 4, 2023 at 10 p.m. ET as part of its “first-ever live, global streaming event,” according to a company release. Rock will take the stage in Baltimore, Maryland. The special will continue Netflix’s foray into the world of live comedy, following on the heels of its gigantic Netflix Is a Joke festival held in L.A. earlier this year. Early 2023 might seem like a long time to wait, but please do not Kill the Messenger

“Chris Rock is one of the most iconic and important comedic voices of our generation,” says Robbie Praw, who works as Netflix’s vice-president of stand-up and comedy formats. “We’re thrilled the entire world will be able to experience a live Chris Rock comedy event and be a part of Netflix history. This will be an unforgettable moment and we’re so honored that Chris is carrying this torch.”

The public has been paying close attention to Rock’s stand-up tour dates since he was slapped by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars, and news outlets have been reporting the details every time he has referenced the incident onstage. For those who haven’t seen him live, this will be their chance to watch him perform in the aftermath. Rock is also set to embark on an arena tour with Dave Chappelle, who is scheduled to host SNL on November 12, in December.

Being the first comedian to have a performance livestreamed on Netflix might be nerve-racking for the average comedian. But this is Rock, who famously named one of his specials Never Scared.

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Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage Will Stream Live on Netflix