Disney+ Is Free for Six Months With a New Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription

Illustration: Martin Gee

Look, it’s well documented that fans of Disney+ despise music and that music enthusiasts are repulsed by Disney+. But if there were ever a time for a truce between those warring factions, it’s now, as a recently announced deal on Amazon Music Unlimited will earn new subscribers six months of free Disney+. (Former and current Amazon Music subscribers who want to extinguish their simmering hatred of Disney+ and give Flora & Ulysses a whirl are eligible for a three-month trial. Current Disney+ subscribers are eligible for nothing.)

The deal is one of the best values on Disney+ right now. Amazon Music runs $9.99 per month ($7.99 for Prime members) and gives you access to what it says is 75 million songs, of which you’ll listen to roughly 14 in a given week. With this deal, you’d get Amazon Music and Disney+ for $10 per month. On its own, a Disney+ subscription is $7.99 per month (or $79.99 per year); Disney+ also offers a Hulu and ESPN+ bundle for $13.99 per month ($19.99 per month if you prefer your Hulu ad free).

(Of course, none of those deals compare to Verizon Wireless offering customers on its Unlimited plan a free six-month Disney+ subscription, since free is a very good value.)

Your Disney+ promotional subscription will remain active for the duration of the offer unlesssssss your Amazon Music subscription is canceled during those three or six months. If it ends up being the case that there isn’t room in your heart for the two services, both subscriptions need to be canceled separately — don’t ax one and assume the other will follow.

New Amazon Music Unlimited Subscribers Get Free Disney+