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Meet Elite’s New Class, Nearly the Same As the Old Class


Netflix’s hit Spanish-language drama Elite returns for season four this Friday, which means a new school year is set to begin at the highly competitive private school known as Las Encinas. At most high schools, the beginning of the school year might be full of worries about GPAs and prom and college applications. At Las Encinas, students are more worried about things like who will be accidentally murdered this year, how one might cover up said murder, and which students will enter into what seems like an annual threesome. Ah, to be young, hot, and rich, and live in a town with the most incompetent detectives you’ll ever meet!

Since season three of Elite wrapped up the fallout from Marina’s accidental murder at the hands of her brother’s best friend Polo in season one, with queen bee Lu in turn accidentally murdering Polo and her friends agreeing to a murder pact to cover it up (you know, typical high-school stuff), who knows what fresh drama and central mystery awaits in season four? What we do know, however, is who the central players in all the drama and hooking up will be. Season three said “ciao” to several originals — including graduates Nadia, Carla, and Lu — but the halls of Las Encinas will still be full of familiar faces as a whole handful of these horny teens have to repeat their senior year. Need a refresher? Let’s review what their student bios might say about them and what they’ve been up to while enrolled at Las Encinas, plus meet some of their mysterious new classmates.

Las Encinas Senior Class

Ander Muñoz

Photo: Netflix

Student Bio: Ander Muñoz will be repeating his senior year at Las Encinas after taking time to receive treatment for leukemia. Now in remission and convinced that going off to die alone is not the healthiest reaction to impending death, Ander returns with a new focus on his boyfriend, Omar Shanaa. Or are they broken up again? No, they are definitely back together. For now. Not even this student biographer can keep up with those two. Additionally, Ander will begin the new school year feeling much lighter after no longer having to carry the secret that his best friend, the late Polo Benavent, murdered his other best friend, Guzmán Nunier’s sister Marina, in that confrontation that rocked Las Encinas two years prior. He does not seem to feel as guilty covering up Polo’s murder at the hands of alumna Lucrecia Montesinos. His mother, principal of Las Encinas, surely must hope that this means now Ander will have time to study. Just kidding! Principal Muñoz doesn’t care about stuff like that.

Extracurriculars: Definitely NOT tennis, please don’t bring it up; smoking pot; breaking hearts; helping friends cover up accidental murders.

Guzmán Nunier

Photo: Netflix/Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Student Bio: Guzmán Nunier returns to Las Encinas to repeat his senior year after being sort of suspended for bullying, beating up, and getting into a light hostage situation with one-time best friend Polo Benavent. The Las Encinas community, of course, knows that Polo murdered Guzmán’s sister Marina with a school trophy to the head, so the guy had his reasons. Now that his sister’s murderer has been brought to light, Guzmán hopes to spend his second senior year being less of an angry, classist dick and more of the softy romantic and loyal friend he is on the inside. Perhaps his mark turned girlfriend, alumna Nadia Shanaa, will help in this endeavor. Although, those who attended last year’s graduation ceremony-slash-rave know that Nadia, along with Guzmán’s ex-girlfriend Lu, split a scholarship to Columbia University in New York City. In self-declared “corny” messages, the two swoonily promised to wait for each other, and sure, their love survived a sex-tape scandal, but really, all bets are off as to Guzmán’s behavior with no one to rein him in.

Extracurriculars: Seducing classmates in order to humiliate them but then, whoopsie, falling in love with them; learning how to be a reformed dickhead; saying the word espárragos in a very charming way; staging other people’s disappearances; tying up friends until they confess to killing his sister; helping friends cover up accidental murders; swimming.

Samuel García Domínguez

Photo: Netflix

Student Bio: Samuel García Domínguez arrived at Las Encinas as one of the three students who were awarded scholarships after the roof of their public high school collapsed. An outsider amongst the school’s affluent students, he has since been embroiled in several of Las Encinas’ biggest scandals over the past years: He was found with Marina Nunier’s body at the time of her murder; his own brother went on the run after being charged for Marina’s murder; he faked his own disappearance to force his girlfriend, alumna Carla Rosón, into confessing that she knew Polo Benavent murdered Marina in order to clear his brother; he tormented Polo; and was the mastermind behind the plan to make sure Lu didn’t get caught for murdering Polo. After being granted a second chance at his senior year, perhaps the tiniest drama king will try to stay out of the fray this time around.

Extracurriculars: Crying; standing up to the man; crying; making subpar pasta to woo women; faking his own disappearance to clear his brother’s name; helping friends cover up accidental murders; crying.

Rebeka de Bormujo

Photo: Netflix/NIETE/NETFLIX

Student Bio: Rebeka de Bormujo will be joining several other Las Encinas students in repeating her senior year. In Rebeka’s case, her suspension was due to being caught selling drugs to students. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most, since Rebeka’s mother was the drug lord who recently served time after being turned in by Rebeka’s crush, Samuel García. It does, however, come as a surprise to Rebeka, who hates that drug life, swears it off, and, upon her mother’s return, makes her mother promise to swear it off as well. Rebeka excels in coming up with nicknames for people and selecting the wildest jewelry.

Extracurriculars: Dominating the sporty-chic fashion look; selling drugs; hating people who sell drugs; falling for the wrong people; helping friends cover up accidental murders; boxing; boxing while wearing silk boxing robes.

Omar Shanaa

Photo: Netflix

Student Bio: Although Omar Shanaa will be joining Las Encinas as a student for the first time this year, he’s no stranger to the school community. The brother of alumna Nadia Shanaa, the best friend of Samuel García, and on-again/off-again soul mate to Ander Muñoz, Omar made the decision to forgo fleeing to New York City with his sister for a fresh start (and to distance himself from his super-strict parents) in order to stay by Ander’s side. Omar isn’t the best student, which is perhaps evident by his choice to take a scholarship at Las Encinas after witnessing all the murder and blackmailing.

Extracurriculars: Formerly drug dealing/currently bartending; detecting cancer via blow jobs; never having sex during a blacklight party again; professing his love to Ander; helping friends cover up accidental murders.

Las Encinas Staff

Cayetana Grajera

Photo: Netflix

Employee Bio: What it lacks in teachers, Las Encinas makes up for in custodial staff. Joining the team this year and following in her mother’s footsteps is Las Encinas alumna Cayetana Grajera. Caye spent two years as a student at the school after her mother took a job as a janitor. Upon being admitted to Las Encinas, Caye proceeded to lie to everyone about her background; attempt to grift all the rich students and their parents and a charity in order to keep her fake-wealthy backstory going; get publicly exposed for this grift; enter into a relationship with known murderer Polo Benavent; help known murderer Polo Benevant cover up said murder; and enter into a throuple situation. Although Polo’s mothers offered Caye money to attend college, she turned them down in hopes of living a more authentic life. Here’s hoping she knows that the locker rooms at Las Encinas require almost hourly disinfecting.

Extracurriculars: Fashion design; hiding murder weapons; lying; trying to make throuples work; helping friends, lovers, and enemies cover up accidental murders.

Las Encinas Incoming Students

Ari, Patrick, and Mencía Blanco


Las Encinas is pleased to welcome the Blanco family to its esteemed hallways. Ari, Patrick, and Mencía are the children of the new director of the school, Benjamín, who not only takes an interest in running the school but is also an uber-wealthy and successful tech CEO. His three privileged children are sure to be on their best behavior and not be in any way elitist, and will most likely cause no drama at all.

Prince Phillipe von Triesenberg

Photo: Netflix

Las Encinas is even more pleased to welcome the first prince into its ranks. The von Triesenberg family likes to keep their private life private, but it should be noted that the young prince’s mother couldn’t wait to ship him off to a school in Spain.

Meet Elite’s New Class, Nearly the Same As the Old Class