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A Rare Lana Del Rey Single and This Month’s Other Must-See Comedy Shorts

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Alex Pereira/Twitter, Meg Stalter/Twitter, @KevOnStage/Twitter, Simple Town/Twitter and Carianne King/Vimeo

Each month, many funny videos are posted to every corner of the internet — from Twitter and Instagram to Vimeo and sometimes other weird places we’ll have trouble embedding. Because you’re busy living your life, you might miss some of these funny videos and feel left out when others bring them up in conversation. Well, worry not! We’re here to make sure you’re not listening in on conversations but leading them … as long as those conversations are about funny internet videos. Here, our favorite comedy shorts of the month.

“Freshly Showered As of Three Days Ago …,” by Kevin Fredericks

Here, Kevin Fredericks responds to a TikTok influencer’s dubious claim regarding what qualifies as being “freshly showered.” You know what he’s getting at the moment he raises his eyebrow, but the fun here is in how he patiently, and with a great deal of friendly concern, breaks down exactly how misguided this claim is.

“Funny Mom Story,” by Meg Stalter

“Meg Stalter” and “Vulture” are now virtually synonymous search criteria, and for good reason. Her character work is unmatched. She completely inhabits the weirdest, most particular elements of a personality and somehow mines shiny gold from stereotypes — like a rich mom — that we all think we’ve seen 1,000 times before.

“Jessica Jessica,” by Jasper Savage and Jessica Grecco

We’re embarrassed we missed this one when it came out four years ago. An expertly written and performed story of late-30s angst, this short holds a mirror up to a society that forgives men for being dunces pretty much always, while conflating women’s biological clocks with their worth as human beings. There’s also pants-shitting.

“Mukbang YouTuber Roommate,” by Simple Town

A man is attempting to eat a lethal number of instant-noodle cups for his subscribers in this new video from Simple Town. What starts off as a parody of desperate YouTubers quickly expands its POV when the guy’s incredibly accommodating roommates begin carrying on more normal (if whispered) interactions in the rest of the apartment. Simple Town is peerless when it comes to handling this kind of surreality, which it underlines here with the quiet and mundane mumblecore life the non-noodle eaters are living in the margins of the ring light.

“POV: Your Cardiologist Is Intimidatingly Chill,” by Friday Beers

Bro humor has been on the downslope in popularity over these last five years, and a recent nostalgia-peek at an episode of Dane Cook’s Tourgasm reminds us of why — it just got really lazy. Loud sounds and apathy aren’t ingredients of good comedy per se. But, somehow, Friday Beers has ushered in a new wave of the bro — a Gen-Z edition that shifts from redeeming the shittiest elements of upper-middle-class white culture to lampooning them mercilessly.

“Subway Shooter Tries to Turn Himself Into the NYPD,” by Alexis Pereira

The NYPD received a lot of well-deserved scorn for its absence in its role in apprehending the shooter who injured at least 23 people in a Brooklyn subway car and then was practically begging to be caught during every second that passed after that. But the NYPD doesn’t take orders from terrorists, even if said terrorist is calling to tell them where he is and how best to arrest him. In this video, Alexis Pereira plays the bored bureaucrat who took this inconvenient call, complete with eye-rolling and a low-effort bid to reschedule this for after a late lunch.

“This Is Better Than All the Trans Jokes You Have Heard on Netflix Specials Combined,” by Kai Choyce

The title of this stand-up clip is true. In it, Kai Choyce deals with an overly familiar question from an audience member after a show in the way such an intrusion deserves. Let’s just say it invokes a spin on the kind of box there was a popular viral song about a few years ago. If the audience member keeps asking questions, a bigger box might be needed.

“Trollify,” by Carianne King

Who doesn’t love a good old commercial parody? This one is truly brilliant, and worth a cut-and-paste to any and all mean Twitter comments or even the holdout QAnon-er from the family email thread. Look, we’re not just here to help you laugh. We’re here to help you live.

“Ultra-Rare Lana Del Rey Movie Soundtrack Single,” by Demi Adejuyigbe

Demi Adejuyigbe kicked off April Fools’ Day by returning to a Demi Adejuyigbe staple: The fake movie tie-in song. Here, it’s in the form of a lost Lana Del Rey single, shared with us via a static shot of a turntable (the way a true YouTube vinyl enthusiast would upload it). Part of what we loved so much about this is how long it actually takes to get to the joke. The film Lana is contributing this single to is not confirmed until two minutes of the song have already passed (though plenty of strong hints are dropped in the meantime). Adejuyigbe has already crafted such a convincing Lana Del Ray pastiche that by the time the reveal comes, you’ve almost forgotten to anticipate it.

“Watching a Movie With Your Girlfriend,” by Shannon Fiedler

Is this one kind of sexist in its generalization? Potentially, yes. Shannon Fiedler’s piece about girlfriends talking incessantly during movies is also true for a large enough portion of the population that it’s pretty relatable. It’s hard, because, like, all girlfriends definitely don’t talk during movies. Full stop. The thing is … more seem to than boyfriends, and we have to ask ourselves why. Head on over to Psychology Today for our companion piece!

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