Gabe González Admires the Creativity in Woke Dating-App Usernames

Thanks to the coronavirus, comedians are now trapped at home like the rest of us, so we decided that while we’re all self-quarantining, we’d do something a little different from our usual “Follow Friday” column. Instead of interviewing up-and-coming comedians we love on Twitter, we’re going live on Instagram every week to check in on some of our favorite people in comedy and get a firsthand look into how they’re handling the pandemic. So welcome to our new version of the column, now titled “Follow (From a Safe Distance) Friday.”

This week, I cyberbullied Gabe González (MTV, Scruff, teasing online daters with his handsome face and long-distance boyfriend) into sitting down for an Insta Live chat. He talked about wearing (or not wearing) pants on Zoom calls, pondered what Cuomo is trying to accomplish with his sandwiches-at-bars law, and discussed the virtues of slander and libel when it comes to celebrity profiles. He even gave us some insight into the landscape of gay dating apps after the new Black Lives Matter movement: “You’ll see like this white twink in Williamsburg whose username is now like ‘BLMslut_comesuckme’ and it’s like … I don’t know what’s happening here. Like I appreciate the allyship, but maybe let’s prioritize here.”

You can find Gabe on Instagram and Twitter at @gaybonez.

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Gabe González Has to Respect Woke Dating App Usernames