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John Early Teases Not Being Himself in Now More Than Ever Trailer

John Early does not like to hear “be yourself,” because apparently all it means is that he should pose like a gymnast after completing a particularly difficult vault. Instead, he’s going to be the lead singer of fake band John Early and the Lemon Squares in his debut HBO comedy special, Now More Than Ever, a music-doc parody à la This Is Spinal Tap. The trailer for the special teases both Early’s signature off-the-cuff stand-up and sketch work, and he plays a very cool, very downtown musician. “We have received multiple reports about unacceptable conduct,” he’s told in the trailer. But who wants John Early to be acceptable? Executive produced by Early alongside Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Dave Kneebone, and Janel Kranking, the special premieres on HBO and Max (né HBO Max, don’t ask) on June 17 and airs at 10 p.m. Make sure you get way further than three words into this special before saying “I can’t” and running out — even if you are gay.

John Early Isn’t Being Himself in Now More Than Ever Trailer