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How Do You Watch Disney’s Jungle Cruise?

Dwayne Johnson in Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Photo: Frank Masi/Walt Disney Studios
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Attention, wannabe skippers! After a year of COVID-19-related delays, Disney’s Jungle Cruise is finally hitting your screens big and small. How? Well, the film based on the Disneyland ride is the latest and, currently, the last to be part of Disney’s Premier Access program. Whether you’re ready to brave the outside world to see Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt lob insults and journey rough waters or not, we answer all your Jungle Cruise questions before the movie’s release this weekend.

Can I see Jungle Cruise in theaters?

Yes, if you prefer to see the glorious backside of water in Jungle Cruise on the big screen, you can catch the film in a theater near you. It will have a simultaneous release on Disney+ for families who aren’t too comfortable going to theaters yet.

So it will be on Disney+, too?

It will! But it won’t be streaming free for subscribers, as Luca did, because it is — drumroll, please — a Premier Access title. Similar to the studio’s Black Widow and Cruella, if you want to watch Jungle Cruise at home, it’ll come at a price.

How much does Premier Access cost?

Some of you may know the drill by now, but Disney Premier Access is a rental program for certain new films on Disney+. If you want to watch Jungle Cruise, you’ll pay a onetime $29.99 fee on top of your monthly $7.99 Disney+ subscription.

How long will I have to watch Jungle Cruise?

If you don’t plan on canceling your Disney+ subscription right after watching the movie, then you’re good! Once you purchase a title on Premier Access, it will remain on your account for as long as you have a subscription, so you can rewatch Jungle Cruise as many times as you want. Congrats.

If I already paid for a previous Premier Access title, do I need to pay again for Jungle Cruise?

What is Disney about if not spending more money? So yes, no matter how many films you’ve gotten with Premier Access, you still have to pay the rental fee for Jungle Cruise.

When will Jungle Cruise be available for free on Disney+?

If you’d rather not pay that much for Jungle Cruise, you’ll only have to wait around two months to see it for free. The film will arrive on Disney+ for all subscribers on November 12.

Can I buy Jungle Cruise on digital outside of Disney+?

Yes and no: You can’t buy Jungle Cruise through rental programs like iTunes and Google Play when the movie first arrives in theaters and on Premier Access, but Disney has been making its films available on digital platforms about a month after their theatrical debut — or even earlier in the case of Cruella and Black Widow. So, soon!

Will there be any more Premier Access films?

As of now, nope, Jungle Cruise is it! According to Disney, in a report on Deadline, the company’s Premier Access “experiment” has been quite the hit; but for others, like Scarlett Johansson, not so much. We’ve noted before how Disney CEO Bob Chapek has mentioned that Premier Access could be applied to other theatrical titles if the studio sees fit, though nothing has been announced in the months since. But hey, we can’t really ignore the fact that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic — so in short, we’ll see.


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How Do You Watch Jungle Cruise?