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Here It Is: The Much-Discussed Video of Meghann Fahy Singing ‘O Holy Night’

A little Christmas miracle.

Here it is: the version of “O Holy Night” that has everyone talking. Not since Jesus himself jotted down the tune to celebrate his birthday 200 years ago has there been such a buzzed-about version of this song. Whether you heard about it on the most recent episode of Las Culturistas or from your one friend who always listens to Las Culturistas right away and then texts the group chat all the things Matt and Bowen discussed or even from your other friend who had the good sense to attend the “Matt Rogers and Friends Holiday Spectacular Sing-A-Long Extravaganza” at Vulture Festival L.A. in November, this is the “O Holy Night” you are looking for.

As the story goes, Matt Rogers was booked to appear at Vulture Festival to promote his new Showtime special, Have You Heard of Christmas?. While thinking about who he could invite to satisfy the “and Friends” bit of the event, he happened to glance at the festival’s lineup. Lo and behold, whose name did he see? None other than Meghann Fahy, the Broadway star and White Lotus season-two breakout. Matt asked her to appear, Meghann agreed, and come showtime, the most magical thing happened.

In other “Matt Rogers and Friends Holiday Spectacular Sing-A-Long Extravaganza” news, Sudi Green and Mo Fry Pasic were mauled by a dog.

Here’s Meghann Fahy’s Much-Discussed Cover of ‘O Holy Night’