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Michelle Wolf Is Releasing Three Specials for the Price of One

Despite having written for political late-night shows like The Daily Show and Late Night With Seth Meyers, fundamentally altering the course of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner for four years after she hosted it in 2018, and helming her own politically minded talk show, The Break With Michelle Wolf, on Netflix that same year, Michelle Wolf does not have an agenda. Her main concern, she explains in the french fry-heavy trailer for her upcoming Netflix stand-up series, It’s Great to Be Here, is what’s “good for comedy.”

A stand-up special broken into three half-hour episodes (titled “New Neighborhood,” “All Struggles Matter + Me Too,” and “News to Me + All Beautiful”), It’s Great to Be Here marks Wolf’s third special, following Netflix’s Joke Show in 2019 and HBO’s Nice Lady in 2017. Wolf financed, produced, and edited the series herself, which consists of performances recorded in August 2022 at Comedy on State in Madison, Wisconsin, and Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. It will see the irreverent comedian get “more personal” than she has in past specials and tackle topics like “dating, sexual harassment, race relations, and living in a new country,” according to a release. “Recently, I was at the same event as Naomi Campbell, and people kept wanting us to take a picture together,” Wolf recounts. “I was like, ‘No! I’m not going to document how different humans can be!’” Fortunately for her fans, Wolf was less hesitant about documenting these shows. All three episodes of It’s Great to Be Here are out September 12.

Michelle Wolf to Release Three Stand-up Specials at Once