Muna Mire’s Cats Are, Regrettably, Monarchist

Despite living in these frankly precedented times, we are fully existing in the future. And a futuristic lifestyle calls for a modern approach to our traditional Follow Friday column. We at Vulture have pivoted from our Luddite ways, opting for a more interactive digital angle on what was once mere text on a web page. We want you to get to know our favorite up-and-coming comics, writers, and generally funny social-media presences face-to-face (or at least screen-to-screen). So we hope you enjoy our new and improved Instagram Live–based version of Follow Friday.

This week, I sat down for a solemn, mournful conversation with Muna Mire (Desus & Mero, Condé Nast, tweeting some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read) about Black Twitter, monarchist cats, and the royal elephant in the room. They detailed their post-pivot-to-video-disaster path into the television-writing and production world, shared some incredibly respectful and reverent opinions on the tragic and untimely death of imperialist nonagenarian Queen Elizabeth II, and agreed with me that Josh Gondelman’s inherent kindness is deeply suspicious. Muna also offered some excellent insight into what it takes to craft the perfect hater-ass tweet: “I have zero process. Like, a thought will come into my head, and I will just put it out there. So I don’t want anyone to think there’s any intent or intellect; it’s just my last two brain cells doing a little dance. But I would say I like when you (a) tie in a pop-culture reference — give it a li’l depth, you know? — and (b) when someone is just over-the-top rude or aggressive just like so far that it’s almost a little uncomfortable.”

You can find Muna on Twitter and Instagram at @Muna_Mire.

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Muna Mire’s Cats Are, Regrettably, Monarchist