Netflix Has Some New Features for Kids (and Their Parents)

Photo: Netflix

Do you know what your kid is watching on Netflix? Probably. But do you know what other kids are watching on Netflix? Maybe not! Now you can, thanks to the service’s new feature. As of today, Netflix is introducing a children’s version of their Top Ten list, previously only available for adult accounts. Tailored to your children’s viewing preferences, the Kids Top Ten displays the most popular kid’s titles on the platform, updated by the day — so, basically, it’s the same as the grownups version, but with a lot more cartoons that aren’t Big Mouth. You’ll find it on all major devices, except for Apple TV.

Gotta love a coloring page. Photo: Netflix

But that isn’t Netflix’s only “how do you do, fellow kids” content play: The company will also be introducing a special “kids recap” newsletter email to send to parents — or anyone with a Kids profile on their account — starting Friday, July 16. The biweekly email will include a curated list of TV and movie recommendations, allowing you to mix it up instead of having to put on Kung Fu Panda for the 57th time this month. Along with recommendations, the email will also give caregivers tips and tricks on how to navigate anything and everything on their kid’s profiles — oh, and, there’s also coloring pages.

Netflix Has Some New Features for Kids (and Their Parents)