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New on Peacock: August 2020

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This Month’s Highlight

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Adjusted for inflation, it’s still Spielberg’s biggest hit (and the fourth-biggest hit of all time), but it doesn’t feel like a blockbuster: It feels, instead, universal, timeless. For all the moments that Spielberg’s obsession with childhood went awry, this is the one time he got it exactly right. That sense that you’re the only one who understands, yet no adults will listen to you. That palpable, screaming loss of a friend. The “c’mon gang!” community spirit that feels almost painfully yearning today. This is the movie that Spielberg has said he feels the closest to, and it’s no wonder. It’s all the more powerful because there was never a sequel: Nothing could soil the experience. It hasn’t become a recurring classic on cable the way you might have expected it to, but that’s ultimately for the best: Revisiting it again will remind you of what it felt like the first time. —Will Leitch and Tim Grierson

A Sampling of What’s New on Peacock — August 2020

Available August 1

The Big Lebowski
The Bourne Identity
Brokeback Mountain
Deer Hunter
Dolphin Tale
The Graduate
Little Fockers
Psych 2: Lassie Come Home
Snakes on a Plane

Available August 6

Hitmen (Series Premiere)

Available August 13

Five Bedrooms (Series Premiere)

Available August 15

3rd Rock from the Sun
Grace Under Fire
WWE Untold

Available August 20

Where’s Waldo: New Episodes

Available August 28

Jay Leno’s Garage: New Episodes

New on Peacock: August 2020