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New on Peacock: September 2020

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This Month’s Highlight

Top Chef

At its best, Top Chef was one of the chief jewels in Bravo’s pre–Real Housewives crown: A competition show that celebrated people who were actually talented, judged by people who actually seemed to know what they were talking about in a manner commensurate with their stated experience (no inscrutable idiocies like “Yo, a little pitchy, dawg,” here), Top Chef took up its predecessor Project Runway’s mantle as acceptable reality viewing for the creative class and broadened its appeal to all four quadrants. Instead of temperamental fashion designers fussing prettily over a square inch of ruched chiffon, we got burly mountain men, austere, sleek-haired perfectionists, and hard-living punk-rock types able to haul a side of beef across a kitchen and dissect it with the alacrity of a surgeon. The kitchen is a battlefield, and cooks are soldiers. Feelings, creative ambitions, interpersonal dynamics: worthy dramatic fodder, for sure, but ultimately sublimated to an unerring ability to achieve a perfect char on a slab of animal protein. The food always comes first. —Rachel Shukert

A Sampling of What’s New on Peacock — September 2020

Available September 1

3:10 To Yuma
Because I Said So
The Break-Up
He’s Just Not That Into You
Island of Lost Souls
Love Happens
The Mummy (1932 film)
National Lampoon’s European Vacation
National Lampoon’s Vacation
Nurse Betty
Transporter 3
Vegas Vacation
You Should Have Left

Available September 2

Transplant: New Episodes

Available September 3

A.P. Bio (Peacock Original)
Save Me
Todo Por Mi Hija

Available September 4

Anthony (Peacock Original)
The Defiant Ones
Noughts + Crosses (Peacock Original)
A Most Beautiful Thing

Available September 7

Madagascar: A Little Wild

Available September 8

American Ninja Warrior: Season 12

Available September 10

Black Boys (Peacock Original)
The Sit In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show (Peacock Original)

Available September 15

The Public

Available September 17

Departure (Peacock Original)

Available September 18

Larry Wilmore Show (Peacock Original)

Available September 20

Below Deck: Season 7
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Keeping Up with The Kardashians 
The Purge
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of New Jersey
Real Housewives of New York
Real Housewives of Orange County
Real Housewives of Potomac
Top Chef
Vanderpump Rules

Available September 23

Falsa Identidad: Season 2

Available September 25

The Amber Ruffin Show

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New on Peacock: September 2020