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Photo-Illustration: Vulture

Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m 1.5x Speed host, Nick Quah. Here are my bona fides: I’ve been writing about podcasts since 2014, when I created Hot Pod, nowadays widely recognized as the leading trade newsletter in the podcast business. I’ve been reviewing and writing about pods for Vulture since 2016, and recently, I launched a podcast about podcasts with LAist Studios, called Servant of Pod.

All of which is to say: I’m deep in the weeds with this podcast stuff. I love it, even though it’s gotten plenty strange, and plenty capitalistic over the years.

Every week, you’ll receive a dispatch with two to three chunky podcast picks for you to consider checking out. And maybe a few more, as a treat.

If you have a recommendation of your own, I’d love to hear it. Write to or find me on Twitter. Unless it’s your own podcast, in which case, I might ignore it. Or I might not.

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Welcome to 1.5x Speed