Power Book IV: Force Season-Finale Recap: Ghost of Power Book Past

Power Book IV: Force

Family Business
Season 1 Episode 10
Editor’s Rating 5 stars

Power Book IV: Force

Family Business
Season 1 Episode 10
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
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How best to describe the season finale of Power Book IV: Force? “Gruesome, action-packed, mixed with lots of deceit, a little bit of kidnapping, and murder” gives an adequate impression of what we experienced in this wild ending to Force’s first season. Let’s jump into it!

Vic is under the impression that Tommy is responsible for Gloria’s death, so he comes at Tommy hot when Tommy hits his phone to offer a truce and find out if the Flynns were the ones behind the shooting that landed D-Mac in the hospital. Vic denies knowing anything about the shooting, and Tommy reassures him that he wasn’t involved in Gloria’s death — despite this, they agree that they are at war. With the Dublin Irish mob backing him, Vic feels quite confident that he can successfully kill Tommy. But Vic ain’t the only one with backup. For now, Tommy has the support of the Serbs thanks to Mirkovic, who also promises to find out who shot at Tommy and D-Mac. Not realizing that D-Mac was the target, Tommy gathers two Serbian men (of the army and weapons provided by Mirkovic).

Over at the barbershop, Diamond spends time with Adrian but is distracted after finding out Jenard intends to overthrow him. Adrian attempts to cheer his spirits up (to no avail) when Diamond gets a call from Jenard, who asks Diamond about his location so the two can meet up. Diamond knows the call is a setup, so he tells his little brother that he is at the shop, and as soon as he hangs up, he lets Adrian know that they have to make a move quickly. Surprised by Diamond’s sense of urgency and change in demeanor, Adrian begins asking questions that Diamond can’t answer. The two make it safe to his truck just in time to see Blaxton and two other CBI men storm the shop equipped with big body guns.

While Diamond’s life is in danger, the Flynns and the Irish mob celebrate before making a move on Tommy’s life — unaware that Tommy and the Serbs are one step ahead of them. Tommy uses a pretty blonde Irish girl to distract one of Ioan’s men, and the plan works like a charm as she lures him to the back alley to be murdered. They hang his body upside down, guts pouring out and all for the entire Flynn family and their friends to see. Walter is pissed! The Flynns and the Irish now have internal conflict.

After the kill, Tommy heads over to the hospital where D-Mac is recovering from his gunshot wound with JP by his side. JP is pissed off at Tommy for many reasons but appreciates his brother’s kindness and accepts the care package that he’s brought with him. To protect his family further, Tommy makes sure to take care of D-Mac’s hospital bill and assigns a Serb to post up outside his hospital room. When Tommy runs to their grandmother’s house to pick up medical documents for JP, he runs into his mother, Kate, tearing up Miriam’s walls looking for money. Surprisingly, this reunion is neither positive nor negative! She’s excited to meet her grandson (more than her son?), and when Kate and JP finally meet, JP gets emotional.

But Tommy is still in the middle of a war, and the Flynns are eager to get back at Tommy. Everyone seems fond of Claudia’s idea to use Dahlia as a way to get in with Tommy, though they have no idea that Claudia has been working with Tommy, which is why she has the address to their lab. Nonetheless, Walter is impressed with his daughter. But before Claudia can soak in the spotlight, Vic questions if her connect can be trusted. Vic (and Pauly) suggest they take more time to plan, but no one listens, so he demands that he takes the kill shot on Tommy. Although his family questions his strength, they agree, though Walter fears for his son’s life, so he places Ioan responsible for making sure Vic stays alive.

Unfortunately, Jenard doesn’t know how to show up for his brother like Tommy does. After putting a hit out on Diamond, Jenard blows up Blaxton’s phone to get an update, having no idea that Blaxton is tied up in a warehouse getting tortured into giving up Jenard’s name to Diamond. After Blaxton folds and tells him the truth, Diamond kills him, proving that the cold-blooded murderer that Jenard misses still resides in him. Blaxton’s dead body ends up on top of Jenard’s kitchen countertop.

But Jenard isn’t the only person to royally mess up. Vic and the Irish mob fall right into Tommy’s plan when they pull up to the lab — Tommy and the Serbs are waiting for them. An intense gunfight breaks out, killing most of Vic and Ioan’s men. Knowing that his one job is to keep Vic alive, Ioan grabs Vic, and the two flee the scene. Tommy is up three to zero on the Flynns, and Walter is big mad.

After losing to Tommy, Ioan presses Claudia about her intel. She derails the conversation by introducing him to Dahlia and offers him an exclusive pipeline for all Dahlia in Europe.

Now that they are in full war mode and have no lab, Liliana gives Lauryn some cash and tells her to go far away (without checking with Tommy), which leaves Lauryn vulnerable to Claudia. Claudia kidnaps Lauryn and demands intel.

At this point, it ain’t safe in Chicago. With his life now in danger, Jenard runs to the Serbs for protection. Mirkovic tells him if he can end the war between the Flynns and the Serbs, he will end his support for Tommy. Desperate, Jenard heads to see Walter Flynn and presents his proposal: End the war with the Serbs and team up to kill Tommy. To Vic’s surprise, his father buys in on the deal despite knowing that Jenard made a move on Diamond. It is clear that Walter is desperate and is willing to do anything to stop Tommy.

When Tommy visits Diamond and sees his new armed security, he knows shit got real. The two businessmen agree to work together to take out the Flynns, but Diamond is unsure what he should do about Jenard. Killing your own brother is no easy task.

Speaking of brothers, Claudia (thanks to Lauryn) knows Tommy’s weakness: his brother. She kidnaps JP and threatens to kill him if Tommy doesn’t cooperate. With JP in custody, Tommy now knows that Jenard and the Flynns are working together. Claudia finds a moment to ask Jenard if Tommy was in on the hit that killed Gloria. Of course, nothing comes for free in Chicago, so she offers Jenard exclusive access to Dahlia as her distributor. He tells her what he knows: Mirkovic made a move on Vic because Walter took out some of his men. According to Jenard, Tommy didn’t have anything to do with it.

With JP in the Flynn’s custody, Tommy, Diamond, and Liliana get together to develop a plan before going to the meetup spot where THINGS GET CRAZY! Diamond makes the first move, demanding that Walter hand over Jenard for trying to kill him, and in return, he’ll hand over Tommy. Before an exchange can be negotiated, Jenard takes the first shot. All hell breaks loose: The two brothers fight while Vic goes after Tommy, and Liliana takes down the Irish men from behind. Walter, always afraid for his son’s life, attempts to go after Vic only to be interrupted by Pauly, who is first and foremost concerned about Walter’s safety. While Tommy gets the best of Vic, Jenard tests Diamond’s gangster by antagonizing him to shoot him. Though Diamond pulls the trigger, he intentionally shoots above his little brother’s head. He feels guilty for dragging Jenard, who as a teen had a bright future ahead, into the drug game. He presents his brother with an offer to split CBI straight down the middle.

Although Vic shows he has some heart in him, he’s unable to take down Tommy on his own. Tommy maintains the upper hand and brings Vic out from behind the machinery with a gun pointed to his head. While Walter and Pauly negotiate with Tommy for Vic’s safe return, Claudia spots Liliana and takes a shot that ends up fatal.

Walter’s lie is revealed during the final standoff when Tommy demands that he tells the truth about ordering the hit on Gloria. Claudia backs up Tommy’s claim. After minutes of emotional yelling and screaming, Walter gives up JP, and Tommy lets Vic go. The damage has already been done to the Flynn family — they will never be the crime organization that Walter imagined for his family.

With JP safe, Tommy runs to Liliana’s side, but it’s too late. She dies in his arms. Losing one of his most loyal soldiers truly breaks his heart.
Now that the war between Tommy and the Flynns is somewhat over, Chicago FBI attempts to put the pieces together. They suspect that there’s a new player in town. With no known turf or true allegiances, the new player is a big mystery — something like a Ghost. Some things inevitably stay the same.

Power Book IV: Force Recap: Ghost of Power Book Past