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Please Visit Streamliner, a New Vulture Site

Photo: Vulture.

Hi there, streamer person. Can we ask a quick question about your relationship with streaming services and devices?

Do you, attractive entertainment consumer, feel confident navigating the vast array of available streaming platforms and gadgets?

In our collective zeal to cut the cord and swear off cable, it turns out we forgot how user-friendly cable actually was. Granted, cable subscriptions are overpriced, the user interfaces are poorly designed, and consumer choice is all but nonexistent, but something about the lack of options made it easy to slip into a simple, “no think, just watch” viewing routine.

With the emergence of cord-cutting came a small selection of curated streaming services, but those days are long gone; suddenly, we’re all staring down a seemingly never-ending list of platforms that demand our attention. Watching things was once a click or two away, but it’s now fraught with confusion and questions. Is the service I want available on a given device? Why can’t I fast-forward or rewind? What’s with this test email that I just received? And that’s just HBO Max.

Enter Streamliner, a new section dedicated to covering all (and we mean all) the streaming services out there and the products you use to access and enjoy them. Looking for deals on subscriptions and devices? We’ve got ’em. Want intel on new features and hacks? Say no more. Trying to figure out which of the services you’ve never heard of are actually pretty good? Here. It’s here.

Streamliner launched today. For the full experience, follow along on Twitter as we all untangle this streaming mess together.

Please Visit Streamliner, a New Vulture Section