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Who Said It: Philip and Elizabeth From The Americans or Philip and Elizabeth From The Crown?

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Marriage is complicated. Especially if you’re a married couple on a serious television drama. Especially if it’s a period drama where you have a difficult and conflicted relationship with your national identities. And especially if all of those things are going on, and also your names are Philip and Elizabeth.

The question is, can tell you tell which quote about a complicated TV marriage is which? Is it Philip and Elizabeth Jennings from The Americans, or Philip and Elizabeth Windsor/Mountbatten from The Crown?

Which Philip and Elizabeth Said It?

Is it The Crown or The Americans?

Philip: “This is easier for you.”
Elizabeth: “You think it’s easy for me, what I do?”
Elizabeth: “What would make it easier on you? To be in, not out? What will it take?”
Philip: “You’re asking my price?”
Elizabeth: “I’m asking what it will take.”
Philip: “What about the children?”
Elizabeth: “The children will be fine!”
Elizabeth: “I want us to be able to say what’s true. I want us — it — to be…”
Philip: “What?”
Elizabeth: “Real. Do you think we could do that?”
Philip: “I don’t know.”
Elizabeth: “I asked you not to lie to me. And you told me to my face that nothing happened.”
Philip: “Can you imagine anything more humiliating?”
Elizabeth: “As a matter of fact, I can!”
Elizabeth: “How are we going to live like this?”
Philip: “We’ll get used to it. Like we got used to everything else.”
Elizabeth: “I can understand if sometimes, in order to let off steam, in order to stay in, you need to do what you need to do. I can look the other way.”
Philip: “I know you can look the other way. You’ve raised looking the other way into an art form. I’m saying I don’t want you to.”
Philip: “It doesn’t make you bad at what you do, it just makes you a human being. Don’t you ever like it?”
Elizabeth: “That’s not why I’m here.”
Philip: “But don’t you ever like it?”
Elizabeth: “We have to live this way.”
Philip: “You sent me away!”
Elizabeth: “And why do you think that was?”
Philip: “I don’t know, you tell me.”
Elizabeth: “Because you’re lost!”
“Oh, I’m just Johnny Foreigner again, who doesn’t understand. Fine! Fine!”

Who Said It: Philip and Elizabeth or Philip and Elizabeth?