Jay-Z Resurrects Instagram for The Book of Clarence

Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Jay-Z has a longer history of being on and off the ‘gram — hey we all need a digital detox every now and then. The last time Jay-Z returned and then promptly deleted his account was in 2021 to follow Beyoncé and promote The Harder They Fall. This time is no different; Jay-Z has resurrected his Instagram to promote another film he produced, The Book of Clarence, starring LaKeith Stanfield. Written and directed by Jeymes Samuel a.k.a. the Bullitts, the film follows the titular character, Clarence, who lives in 29 A.D. Jerusalem and tries to capitalize on the rise of Jesus Christ. Additional cast members include Teyana Taylor, Caleb McLaughlin, and Benedict Cumberbatch in undisclosed roles. Experience the Second Coming on January 12, 2024.

Jay-Z Resurrects Instagram for The Book of Clarence Movie