Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Pete Davidson References

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He’s the man whose name is on everybody’s lips. Kim Kardashian wasn’t dating current boyfriend Pete Davidson when The Kardashians first began filming in September 2021. He was merely Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who had recently ended a relationship with Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor. Here in the future, we know that after Kim appears on Lorne Michaels’s dating show — where they kissed as a joke — she and Davidson made it official amid her divorce from Kanye West. The family’s new Hulu series begins with Kim focused on “working on law school, Skims, and being a mom.” But they still manage to work a Pete reference in, teasing the arc that anyone who has been in a grocery-store-checkout lane knows is coming. Have we been following this couple since their first Staten Island date? Will we rewatch every moment, intently scanning for new information? Yes, and duh. Live from New York, we’re Pete-spotting The Kardashians, with every mention from each episode below.

Episode 1

“I ran into Pete Davidson at the Met, and I was like, ‘I am so scared, I don’t know what I signed up for,’” Kim says, stressing over her gig hosting SNL, around 30 minutes in. “And he was like, ‘Can you read cue cards? You’re good.’” So that’s why they say reading is fundamental.

As cute of a meet as it would be for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson to bump into each other as they backed up to gaze at pieces of art on the opposite wall, she means the Met Gala. It had just taken place on September 13, and everyone and Timothée Chalamet was there. Pretty BDE for Pete to be wearing a Thom Browne dress in his first public interaction with Kim Kardashian before dating. Just waiting on the Skims campaign.

Pete Davidsons Spotted: 1

Episode 3

There is exactly one shot of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine during her SNL montage and it’s not even the moment when they kiss. “He was the one cast member that — we were filming our show — he was the one cast member that wouldn’t sign off to be filmed, and he wasn’t there until the day of, so I didn’t see him all week during rehearsals, nothing,” she told Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast with Amanda Hirsch.

“When we kissed, I was just like ‘Mmm!’” Kim added. “It was a stage kiss, but it was still a little zing.” A feature film’s worth of celebrities and comedians attend the after-party, including Colin Jost, Chris Rock, Lorne Michaels, Gayle King, and Amy Schumer, but as his girl later said on the podcast, Pete Davidson “doesn’t really party.” Something romantic has to go down between her October 9 hosting gig and their Knott’s Scary Farm date on October 29. Until then, I guess let’s not steal focus from Kravis’s engagement.

Pete Davidsons Spotted: 2

Episode 5

By the time Kris Jenner’s November 5 birthday rolls around, Kim is giggling like a schoolgirl. “Does his name rhyme with feet?” the producers ask regarding whom she’s texting. She just chortles. At Kris’s dinner, the messiest of the bunch, Scott Disick, asks about being replaced as the funny-in-law. Not in so many words, but. “Truly the sweetest, nicest human being on the planet,” she says to him and Ellen DeGeneres. “I’ll tell you guys later.” Secrets don’t make docuseries, Kim. And at this point, Kite has pretty much shouted it from the rooftop of a Staten Island Italian restaurant. Then, later in the evening, the family does the most sauceless rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” that it might as well have been an SNL sketch.

Pete Davidsons Spotted: 3

Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Pete Davidson References