The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Drop It With Drew & Co.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Healthy Glow and Low Blows
Season 14 Episode 8
Editor’s Rating 3 stars

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Healthy Glow and Low Blows
Season 14 Episode 8
Editor’s Rating 3 stars
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When I opened my computer to begin writing this recap, I had no idea it would lead me down a rabbit hole ending on the Instagram page of a white man from Oklahoma. But I dusted off my investigative journalism skills to get to the bottom of what we’ve all been asking: What exactly is Drop It With Drew?

After weeks of wondering and questioning, Drew finally invites the women to experience her weight-loss program. For some reason, I was incorrectly assuming that this was a business Drew conceived and executed on her own with a partner. Upon rewatching the first episode, I will go on the record to say the first time she brings up the program on camera, she says she was approached to be the face of the business. I’m not sure how this got lost in translation, especially as someone who literally has to take notes while watching the episodes, but now it all makes sense … kind of.

Initially, Drew tells Kandi and Sanya that her involvement in the program began after dealing with body image issues and body shaming due to her adenomyosis. She ended up getting a hysterectomy and mommy makeover and said to have started Drop It With Drew to “maintain” her body. In the same breath, she claims she lost an additional 25 pounds in three weeks from the program. Anyone who has tried to lose a significant amount of weight knows how big of a feat this is, and attempting to do it healthily is challenging. Her cast members have been dubious and skeptical of the program, with production adding a before and after of Drew that didn’t really support her case. The website not working in New York doesn’t help either. Fast forward to tonight’s episode when they all convene to participate in the program, located in a random gym space that said “FAT LOSS CAMP” until three days before the event. Thankfully, Drew runs up a check at Kinko’s for a large sign outside of the building so everyone knows where to go.

The event begins with an on-camera weigh-in, something that should be illegal, and everyone checking out each other’s asses, I mean leggings. Shereé comes decked out in (still unavailable for the general public) She by Shereé leggings, a She by Shereé yoga mat, and a She by Shereé water bottle. This particular Drop It With Drew workout serves as a way to celebrate the top losers; one woman said she lost 100 pounds. Again, I want to emphasize that these are extreme results that are difficult to achieve in a short period of time and in a healthy fashion. I’m not a gym person, but even though I’m not hitting the gym frequently, I know this: Drew’s form is terrible, and if a gold medal Olympian is struggling to understand and follow the workout, the workout might be the problem. Drew brings out her business partner, Jackie, to explain more about the program. Jackie says she’s been doing this for over five years; she owns all of the locations and brought Drew on to be the face of it before Drew even began the program. Being the face of a business and being a business partner are two very different things. When Kenya asks what the business’s name was before Drew’s involvement, Jackie said it was simply “the 21-Day Program.” Interesting.

Even though there’s evidence that Drop It With Drew is real, I still felt something wasn’t adding up. I started sleuthing on Instagram to find that Drop It With Drew is a program within a program within a program. Stay with me. I crept through Drew’s IG to find posts of her promoting Drop It With Drew when I found an account she tagged in October 2021. It’s called @atlantafatlosscamps, which I thought was interesting because there’s no mention of Drew in the account name or handle, but there is a link in the bio to the Drop It With Drew website. And remember, prior to Drew’s event, the space had a sign reading: “FAT LOSS CAMPS.” While creeping through this page, I recognized the slanted G logo that is on some of Drew’s endless supply of Drop It With Drew t-shirts. I kept scrolling to see older posts referring to the program as “Garza’s Six Week Challenge.” Hmmmmm.

I google “Garza’s Six Week Challenge” to find this site plastered with that G logo. The about page explains that Travis Garza is an Oklahoma native who created workout routines and diet plans that were eventually franchised and implemented in gyms throughout the country, including the gyms Jackie owns. Drew was brought on by Jackie as a celebrity face to break into the Atlanta market. I don’t know why Drew did not explain this, or why it was insinuated that this was her business, but let’s keep it a buck, Drop It With Drew is part pyramid scheme, part Teddi Mellencamp accountability program. Mystery solved.

When the workout ends, Kenya and Marlo get into it after Monyetta expresses that Kandi is feeling a way about things being said behind her back. Kenya relays that Kandi “isn’t fucking with” Marlo. Here comes malicious Marlo hurling below-the-belt insults about plastic surgery, bad makeup, and Marc Daly. Things come close to getting physical, with personal space definitely being invaded, but both leave unscathed. The hypocrisy of the two — Kenya saying it’s inappropriate to get into people’s faces (I guess scepters and bullhorns don’t count) and Marlo saying she would never say anything about one’s family in an argument — exhibits how both sides are guilty at this point.

Now that I’ve dedicated most of this recap to Drop It With Drew, let’s dive into the rest of the episode. It’s business as usual for this season; Sanya talking in her kitchen, Shereé talking about She By Shereé, Kandi being booked and busy, blah blah blah. I said this before, but this season feels tactical and formulaic. Kandi has been on the show for so long that it seems like it’s a job for her more than anything. She rolls out of her car after her lastest meeting, clocks in, gives her two cents (barely), then clocks out and leaves on the way to her next gig — which is exactly what happened when Shereé and Marlo meet with her at the infrared sauna.

*Clapperboard claps* Take one. Shereé and Marlo arrive first, hellbent on confronting Kandi about her lack of support. Kandi comes in, unbothered, refusing to participate, one foot already out the door, clear that she is here to WORK. Getting straight to the point, Shereé and Marlo start kicking the dead and decaying horse, airing their grievances about Tyrone and hand-me-down clothes. Cue the Housewife tears, followed by screaming, then vaguely sympathetic hugging and empty promises for future behavior. End scene. Kandi clocks out and leaves, all is well.

On the topic of Kandi, I can’t believe I almost forgot to discuss the emergency that caused her to leave Drop It With Drew early. During the workout, Todd gets a call informing him that someone hopped two gates trying to get to their property, making it all the way to the porch. Katrina, Kandi’s friend, was home with the kids when it happened and said the intruder was asking for Kandi. The footage Katrina took shows the person claiming to be a songwriter and Beyoncé’s family member who was told to come by Kandi herself because he’s T.I.’s son. (???) Teddi’s husband needs to find a better way to advertise his company. Just kidding, that wasn’t nice, but the joke wrote itself. Sorry for both jokes, Teddi!

Peach Tea-To Go

• Out of all the people in the world, why, oh why, would Sanya look to Drew and Ralph for relationship advice? Maybe so she can do the exact opposite of what they say? The only advice I’d ask Ralph is what hotel to stay at in Tampa.

• Dare I say the hair on Atlanta is looking the best it ever has? (Minus Shereé’s ponytail, you know which one.) Did Porsha give out Go Naked as a parting gift?

• Welcome back Monyetta! Since I’m not completely in love with the main cast dynamics, adding a friend into the mix is like a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed her energy during candle-making. Next week another friend from Brooklyn’s party returns, stirring up more drama. Who is this mystery woman with all of Drew’s tea?


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Drop It With Drew