Tiffany Ferguson Reacts to One of Her First Videos to Win Over YouTube’s ‘Elusive’ Algorithm

It may be Joana Ceddia and Emma Chamberlain’s names in the title, but it’s actually the YouTube algorithm that Tiffany Ferguson is calling out in her 2018 video “Joana Ceddia is the New Emma Chamberlain.” And in doing so, Ferguson established herself as an essential voice among the legion of creators who’ve undertaken the impossible job of making sense of internet drama. In the original 13-minute video, Ferguson theorized about why Ceddia’s channel blew up over the course of two weeks that year, noting how the algorithm boosts content that’s similar to other popular creators. At the time, that meant YouTube was experiencing a deluge of scrunchie-wearing, coffee-addicted, 16-year-old influencers with access to iMovie, almost like an Emma Chamberlain content farm. Ferguson’s video became a breakout moment, now with more than 400,000 views.

Three years and one Charli D’Amelio later, Tiffany Ferguson now reacts to the upload that both kicked off her “Internet Analysis” series — in which she views internet culture through an anthropological lens — and kicked her channel tiffanyferg up the coveted Trending Page. “The YouTube algorithm is forever elusive,” Ferguson jokes. “You’d think in my time doing this I might have learned more about the algorithm, how it works. Not really.”

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Tiffany Ferguson Reacts to Her First Viral YouTube Video