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  1. Watching Chloe Grace Moretz Host the Korean Version of ‘SNL’ Is Totally […]There are a bunch of localized versions of Saturday Night Live in various countries, and there have been for a while. But generally, they […]
  2. Watch John Oliver Expose the Ghost Governments of ‘Special Districts’On last night’s This Week Tonight, John Oliver took aim at Special Districts, special local governments set up for single purposes with little […]
  3. Jimmy Kimmel Is Hosting the Emmys This Year Jimmy Kimmel announced this morning that he’ll be hosting the Emmy Awards this September 18th. He last hosted in 2011 – last year, Andy […]
  4. Read Louis CK’s 1,300-Word Rant Against Donald Trump Louis CK has been releasing episodes of his new series Horace and Pete every weekend for the past few weeks, and with those episodes have […]
  5. Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian’s ‘Trump vs. Bernie’ Is Becoming a […] Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian’s spot-on impressions of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have already spawned a successful nationwide […]
  6. Aziz Ansari’s ‘Master of None’ Renewed by Netflix for Season 2 Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s hit Netflix comedy Master of None has, unsurprisingly, been renewed by Netflix for a second season. According to […]
  7. Adam Sandler Just Debuted ‘Chanukah Song, Part 4’Sure, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to look forward to the imminent festival of lights. Last week in San […]
  8. Seth Meyers Wrapped Up the Complete Nightmare That Was the Republican […]On Wednesday, CNBC hosted the third Republican presidential debate. It was truly terrible! Hopefully you were watching sports instead. But poor […]
  9. Andy Richter Is Hollywood’s Top Pumpkin AgentOn last night’s Conan, Andy revealed his seasonal side gig as Hollywood’s top pumpkin agent. It’s a delightful bit of classic Conan-brand […]
  10. Sam Morril Has Seen Some Rough Comedy ClubsSam Morril is standing casually, one foot slightly in front of the other, on the stage of Boston’s Royale nightclub. He’s discussing terrorism […]
  11. Joe Biden May or May Not Show Up to the Debate and/or the ‘Late Show’ […]The first democratic presidential debate is tonight, and CNN is holding out hope that Joe Biden may make a dramatic last-minute appearance. […]
  12. Kate McKinnon Really, Really Wants to Be Best Pals with Amy SchumerHere are the newest promos for this weekend’s SNL, in which Kate McKinnon probably tries a little too hard to get on the good side of host Amy […]
  13. ‘Nathan for You’s New Billboards Are PerfectNathan for You’s new season starts next Thursday, so the promotional machine is in full swing. And naturally, Nathan Fielder isn’t just putting […]
  14. Artie Lang Has the Best Profile EverLast night, Artie Lang swung by Conan and showed off his very sexy profile photo. Yes, that is a peanut butter cup and an EpiPen […]
  15. Hasan Minhaj Looks Into Why It’s So Hard for Ex-Cons to Find WorkLast night on The Daily Show, Hasan Minhaj looked at the growing movement to remove the checkbox on job applications that tells potential […]
  16. TruTV Renews ‘Impractical Jokers’ for a Fifth SeasonTruTV has renewed their prank show Impractical Jokers for a fifth season. The comedy group the Tenderloins, who are named Sal, Joe, Murr and Q […]
  17. ‘Friends of the People’s Josh Rabinowitz and Kevin Barnett Are Creating an […]Friends of the People head writers/castmembers Josh Rabinowitz and Kevin Barnett are developing a new sitcom for NBC that they’ll be writing […]
  18. Abbi and Ilana’s Spa Day Goes About as Well as You’d ExpectHere’s the latest episode of web series Hack Into Broad City, in which our heroes have a…spa day? Well, Abbi and Ilana’s version of a spa […]
  19. David Cross’s ‘Todd Margaret’ Returns to IFC for a Third Season on January […]David Cross’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, now simply knowns as Todd Margaret, is coming back for a six-episode third […]
  20. Here’s the First Trailer for Season 2 of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s […]Catastophe, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s wonderful BBC series that became an Amazon series stateside, has its second season coming to the […]
  21. Seth Meyers Took a Closer Look at the Republican Candidates’ Easy […]There’s a very serious humanitarian crisis in Syria, and it’s a complex situation with no easy solutions. But you know where easy solutions are […]
  22. Stephen Colbert Learns How to Speak PoliticianStephen Colbert may no longer be “Stephen Colbert,” but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped hoisting politicians by their own petards, like in last […]
  23. Sigourney Weaver Will Be in the New ‘Ghostbusters’The upcoming Ghostbusters movie is on its way to being completed, and more and more cameos are leaking out of the set. Well, most are leaked, […]
  24. Jimmy Kimmel Makes Celebrities Read Insulting Tweets In Front of His […]Jimmy Kimmel loves to make celebrities confront their biggest online trolls by having them read mean tweets about themselves, and now he’s […]
  25. Kristen Schaal Loves Eating Crickets; Conan, Less SoFor a scene in the upcoming season of The Last Man on Earth, Kristen Schaal had to eat some dead crickets, take after take. And wouldn’t you […]
  26. Seth Meyers Really Wanted to Ask Anne Hathaway One Last QuestionAnne Hathaway was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, and when she left, Seth realized that they had unfinished business… and he […]
  27. Craig Ferguson to Host a History-Themed Talk ShowCraig Ferguson is coming back to TV: he’s got a new show coming to the History Channel called Join or Die With Craig Ferguson. There’s no […]
  28. Check Out the Trailer for Amy Schumer’s Upcoming HBO Special, ‘Amy Schumer […]Here’s the first trailer for Amy Schumer Live At The Apollo, Schumer’s hour-long standup special directed by Chris Rock. It premiering on HBO […]
  29. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Put a Ring on It’This one goes out to all ya’ll whose Facebook feeds are flooded with engagement announcements. It just don’t have to be that way. Love is a […]
  30. Seth Meyers Reads Jokes Written by a Sleep-Deprived Chris GethardHere’s a clip from tonight’s new episode of The Chris Gethard Show, the theme of which is “No Sleep.” That’s because the team of weirdos over […]
  31. ‘Portlandia’s Jonathan Krisel and Graham Wagner Set to Make ‘Mermaids in […]Portlandia writer/director Jonathan Krisel and writer Graham Wagner have just signed on to adapt Lydia Millet’s comic novel Mermaids in […]
  32. All of ‘Seinfeld’ Is Coming to Hulu on June 24thHulu announced earlier this month that every episode of Seinfeld would be coming to the streaming service in June, and now we have the exact […]
  33. Netflix Is Releasing the Next Kevin James MovieHaving already gotten into the Adam Sandler business, for better or worse, Netflix is doubling down on idiot manchild comedies by buying the […]
  34. Comedy Central Sets Premiere Dates for ‘Review’, ‘Key and Peele’, and MoreComedy Central has announced their summer schedule, with the highly anticipated seasons of Review and Key and Peele getting premiere dates as […]
  35. Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Tearful, Heartfelt Tribute to David Letterman Jimmy Kimmel grew up obsessed with David Letterman, and he says that he owes the man and his show his entire career. He’s going to far as to […]
  36. Show Amy Schumer’s Doggy Daycare Sketch to Your Most Insufferable […] Here’s a sketch from last night’s Inside Amy Schumer in which the dog owners dropping their pets off at doggy daycare compete to see whose dog […]
  37. Seth Meyers Recreated Letterman’s ‘Late Night’ Opening as a Tribute With Letterman’s last show happening tonight, the tributes are rolling in for the late night legend. Last night, Seth Meyers and his team […]
  38. Bill Murray Jumped Out of a Cake for His Final Letterman Appearance Bill Murray made his final appearance on Letterman last night, jumping out of a cake and then covering Dave in frosting before busting out the […]
  39. Stephen Colbert Gave a Predictably Great Commencement Speech at Wake Forest Stephen Colbert gave the commencement speech at Wake Forest yesterday, talking to the new graduates about what it’s like to go through a major […]
  40. Watch ‘Rooftop Party", a Pretaped ‘SNL’ Sketch Cut From the Season Finale Here’s a pretaped short that was cut for time from this past weekend’s SNL finale, “Rooftop Party,” in which Jay Pharoah just wants everybody […]
  41. Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival Unveils Headliner Anthony Jeselnik […][caption id=”attachment_75851” align=”aligncenter” width=”640”] “”[/caption]Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival, the event put on by outgoing […]
  42. Check Out Hannibal Buress’s Webby Awards Monologue Hannibal Buress hosted the Webby Awards last night, which are like the Oscars but much less relevant and with far fewer attractive people. But […]
  43. Check Out a New, Unreleased Track From Kyle Kinane’s ‘I Liked His Old […]Comedy Central Records just released the vinyl/audio version of Kyle Kinane’s standup special I Liked His Old Stuff Better, and it includes an […]
  44. Chelsea Peretti Talked to Seth Meyers About Growing Up with Andy Samberg Chelsea Peretti was on Late Night last night, and she talked to Seth about growing up with Andy Samberg, her disappointment in not getting to […]
  45. David Letterman Has His Staff Help Him Out with One of His Last Top 10s […] On last night’s Late Show, Dave had 10 of his staffers help him out with one of his very last Top 10 Lists, with them running down the things […]
  46. The 17th Annual Del Close Marathon’s Schedule Is OutThe Del Close Marathon is the annual weekend of improv comedy, beer, and sweatiness that the UCB Theatre throws every year. This year marks the […]
  47. Maya Rudolph Sent Tulane’s Class of 2015 Off with the Best ‘Star-Spangled […] The great Maya Rudolph gave Tulane’s commencement speech this past weekend, and she wrapped up with the above barn-burner of a version of the […]
  48. Watch Jim Gaffigan’s Tribute to David Letterman It’s hard to believe it’s Letterman’s last week on the air. But the silver lining to that very dark cloud is that we’re getting a bunch of […]
  49. Keegan-Michael Key Channels His Inner J.K. Simmons in Bhi Bhiman’s New […] Here’s the new music video for Moving to Brussels by Bhi Bhiman, a Whiplash parody in which Keegan-Michael Key is a really, really hard to […]
  50. John Oliver Highlights the Depressing Reality of Farming Chickens On last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took aim at the situation that modern chicken farms find themselves in which – surprise! – is […]
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