1. How Spammers, Superstars, and Tech Giants Gamed the Music IndustryMaking money in the music industry is more complicated than ever, and people are finding new ways to hack the system for maximum profit.
  2. vulture cover story
    The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture HistoryFrom “Paul is dead” to “Stevie Wonder isn’t blind,” with a lot of Illuminati in between.
  3. timelines
    A Year in O.J.: How Popular Culture Responded to the Trial of the CenturyWe went back to a time before O.J. references were as tired as Kato Kaelin after a guest-house rager.
  4. movies
    Which Technologies in Back to the Future II Are Closest to Reality?“Flying vehicles are exponentially more complicated.”
  5. life after reality tv
    The Best Reality Shows for Launching a Career, in 4 ChartsHow good is reality TV at turning nobodies into somebodies?
  6. the sports guy
    Bill Simmons Signs With HBOHe’s taking his talents to premium cable.
  7. theater
    God’s IMDb: A History of Actors Playing the AlmightyJim Parsons is next, in the Broadway comedy An Act of God.
  8. vulture lists
    8 Ways TV Shows Have Killed Off Unhappy ActorsWriters have a long history of exacting their revenge on an actor by giving his character a Faces of Death–style ending.
  9. barf
    Exclusive: Watch the Human Centipede 3 Trailer500 people! 1,000 legs! It’s a human millipede!
  10. movies
    Everything We Know About Star Wars 7 [Updated]An update to our collection of the many rumored auditions, start dates, and plotlines that have bubbled up.
  11. vulture lists
    Parks and Recreation: Everything Ron Swanson Has EatenIt’s a lot.
  12. vulture lists
    The 28 Worst Celebrity Neighbors“Obnoxious pterodactyl-like screams.”
  13. american sniper
    5 Things American Sniper’s Chris Kyle Allegedly Lied AboutHe did not really punch Jesse Ventura in the face.
  14. golden globes 2015
    A Detailed Breakdown of the Small Group That Picks All the Golden Globes WinnersWe’re talking less than 100 people.
  15. vulture lists
    How Five World Leaders Reacted to Hollywood’s Unflattering Depictions Hitler, Saddam, Bush, Clinton.
  16. sound and visions
    The Future of Movies Will Be More LatinoHollywood will have to ride the demographic wave.
  17. vulture lists
    Who’s Walked the Farthest in Movies?Bring some comfortable shoes.
  18. ratings
    Why Are 23.4 Million People Watching The Big Bang Theory?It’s not only television’s No. 1 show but also the highest-rated sitcom since Friends signed off in 2004. Here’s why. 
  19. joan rivers
    The 50 Best Joan Rivers JokesHere are some of the best from nearly 60 years of comedy.
  20. vulture quiz
    Take Vulture’s Saved by the Bell Superfan QuizIt’s been 25 years!
  21. movies
    The Character Names in The Expendables 3 Are InsaneLee Christmas, Trench Mauser, etc.
  22. what a production!
    Everything We Know So Far About InterstellarWe went through the wormhole to gather crumbs of info about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi drama.
  23. vulture lists
    Everything You Can Do With the Other 90 Percent of Your Brain (in Movies)Yes, we know it’s fake. Calm down.
  24. gifs of doom
    Keira Knightley Dying in Movies: A GIF GuideShe gives good death face.
  25. tom cruise
    Which Country Loves Tom Cruise the Most?Hint: Its population is 320,137.
  26. stats
    How Much Did the Oprah Effect Cost Tom Cruise?Hollywood’s most durable action hero returns in Edge of Tomorrow.
  27. vulture quiz
    Take Vulture’s Tom Cruise Hair Quiz and Guess What Movie Each Do Is FromShort hair, long hair, it’s all Cruise hair.
  28. vulture lists
    What Jimmy Iovine Thinks About Digital MusicWhat will he do with all that power?
  29. money
    10 Reasons Why Neighbors Was a HitHow did Seth Rogen beat Spider-Man?
  30. vulture lists
    Kevin Costner’s 14 Most Costneresque Sports-Movie TruismsHe’s like the Confucius of the bleachers.
  31. abc 123
    An A-to-Z Guide to Archer’s Running JokesFrom acetone addiction to zones that are dangerous, we’re getting alphabetical on this show’s heinie.
  32. vulture compendiums
    All of the Law-Enforcement Fails on The Following (So Far)And there have been many.
  33. gift guide 2013
    Vulture’s 2013 Pop-Culture Gift GuideFeed the fanatics on your list with these books and boxed sets vetted by our editors.
  34. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Can You Identify Robert De Niro’s Lesser-Known Roles?Everyone knows their Vito Corleones from their Jake LaMottas. But what about your David Callaways from your Vincent LaMarcas?
  35. vulture lists
    12 Great Jump-Cut Montage Riffs on Parks and RecreationHopefully these rapid-fire monologues will tide you over until the show returns in November.
  36. vulture histories
    Schwarzenegger vs. Stallone: A TimelineIn honor of their first co-starring mission in Escape Plan.
  37. important questions
    What Was the Worst Summer Movie Weekend of the Past 20 Years?Here are eight candidates.
  38. vulture lists
    Ranking All 185 Choose Your Own Adventure BooksYou’re probably wondering where Ghost Train falls. Read on.
  39. overnights
    Arrested Development Recap: Marry MeDefinitely Maeby.
  40. overnights
    Arrested Development Recap: The Tony Wonder of It AllA Gob-isode!
  41. overnights
    Arrested Development Recap: Ramen AttackFinally, the Lucille episode.
  42. whole lotta shakin
    Star Trek: A GIF History of People Getting Tossed Around the BridgeSpace is shaky.
  43. summer movie preview
    15 Ways to Destroy Your Car in the Fast and Furious MoviesAs part of our Summer Movie Preview, we’ve compiled a retrospective of gnarly and memorable crashes from the franchise.
  44. vulture lists
    Every Movie ‘Spoofed’ in the Scary Movie FranchiseCalling these movies “spoofs” might be a stretch — they’re more like reference factories.
  45. vulture lists
    All Of the Places Around the World the Archer Characters Have Been To Thwarting apocalypse in exotic locales has become the specialty of Sterling Archer. Here’s where he and ISIS have been over 48 episodes.
  46. we watch for you
    All of the Stupid Things in InAPPropriate ComedyWe suffer for you.
  47. sitcom smackdown
    Every Celebrity Mocked on South Park Over Its Sixteen SeasonsAnd how they got mocked.
  48. finales
    A List of Every TGS Sketch or Pitch on 30 RockPrince William and Prince, Time-Traveling Fart Detectives. And others.
  49. vulture games
    Play Vulture’s Movie Title Number GameFriday the 13th (squared) - 42nd Street = 127 Hours. And so forth.
  50. the cruelest month
    Just How Bad of a Movie Month Is January?It’s been home to Big Momma’s House 2, Bio-Dome, and Meet Wally Sparks. But which year had the worst January?
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