1. Willie Nelson Bus Crash Injures Band Members, Disrupts TourThanks to an icy road and some bad weather.
  2. oops
    Journalist Learns Gravity Was Not Filmed in SpaceThe hard way.
  3. deaths
    Oscar Hijuelos Dead of a Heart Attack at 62The first Hispanic writer to win the Pulitzer for fiction.
  4. copyrights
    Morrissey Is a Fan of the Peanuts-Smiths TumblrThis Charming Charlie is safe.
  5. the unexpected
    Pvt. Danny Chen’s Life and Death Being Turned Into an Opera“After all, opera is not just entertainment.”
  6. nice things
    A Consolation Prize for the Furloughed: Movie Popcorn From AMCYou don’t even have to buy a ticket.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Kanye West Now a Felony Suspect After Attacking Photographer at LAXHe’s being investigated for attempted armed robbery.
  8. sequels
    Paramount Wants a World War Z SequelSo does Brad Pitt.
  9. funerals
    James Gandolfini’s Body Sent Back to New YorkHis funeral is set for Thursday.
  10. promotional stunts
    Watch Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’ Projected Around New YorkThe single debuted on walls throughout the world.
  11. coachella
    What You’ve Missed at Coachella So FarA surprise cameo by R. Kelly, for one thing.
  12. hugh jackman
    Hugh Jackman Being Pretty Cool About Stalker Who Threw Pubic Hair at HimNo judgement here.
  13. acid attacks
    The Bolshoi Ballet Is a Terrifying Place to WorkA director called the climate that led to an acid attack “normal.”