1. books
    Ask Divergent Author Veronica Roth Your QuestionsOur Google+ Hangout with the Divergent author has been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 5.
  2. twitcap
    The Best Tweets About Last Night’s CatfishWeapons of mass destruction, what?
  3. twitter talk
    The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Catfish Midseason ReunionTwitter talk around Catfish’s mid-season check-in resembled the idle gossip at a typical class reunion.
  4. twitcap
    The Best Tweets About Last Night’s CatfishTwitter users set their sights on Kristyn’s glass eye.
  5. d’angelo
    Download Okayplayer’s Heavenly New D’Angelo Live MixGlorious D’Angelo Day continues!
  6. contest
    Invent Your Own Pop-Culture God and Win a 3-D Camera!In the spirit of Immortals, we want you to invent a new Entertainment God with a superpower: Terranovus, god of illogical TV, perhaps? Best idea wins the prize!