1. The Thing About ‘Sausage Party’ Here’s a stripped-down summary of Sausage Party, a movie that has made more than $80 million in three weeks: walking, talking, pot-smoking, […]
  2. I’m So Anxious: The Complementary Themes of ‘Louie’ and ‘Girls’While binging on Netflix and OnDemand over the holidays, Season Three of Louie and Season One of Girls deserve back-to-back viewing. It’s not […]
  3. Chris Ware’s ‘Building Stories’: Finding Joy in the Most Unexpected Places No one seems to think Chris Ware is very funny these days. Judging by most of the reviews of his recent Building Stories — a graphic […]
  4. ‘All in the Family’ and the First Gay Sitcom CharacterIn February 1971, All in the Family became the first sitcom to bring a gay man into America’s wallpapered, shag-carpeted, plaid-couched living […]
  5. Hamlet’s Arrested Development: Teaching Shakespeare and the BluthsI’m almost the same age as Hamlet. This occurred to me at 3 AM on the night before I had to teach a class on Hamlet and Arrested Development. […]
  6. Love and Annie HallAnnie Hall isn’t a Valentine’s Day movie, though I always watch it on Valentine’s Day. It’s not a romantic comedy, though in some ways it […]
  7. Comedy After 9/11: Sincerity and IronyComedy felt frivolous, and in some cases downright insensitive in the weeks after September 11, 2001. This was not lost on television’s funny […]
  8. Errol Morris’s High Life Man and the Changing Idea of MasculinityErrol Morris’s hilarious new movie Tabloid premiered over the weekend to rave reviews. Morris is best known for documentaries like The Thin […]
  9. Calvin and Hobbes and the Trouble with NostalgiaMy Calvin and Hobbes anthologies sat unread at home on the highest shelf of my parents’ living room bookcase for almost ten years. My father […]
  10. 20 Years Later, Looking Back at the Twisted Genius of Ren and StimpyRen and Stimpy turns 20 years old this summer, and I kicked off celebrations by watching one of my favorite episodes, Space Madness. It opens […]
  11. The Personal Politics of Parks and RecThis year, NBC didn’t wait to renew Parks and Recreation. The shortened third season of the popular sitcom concludes tonight with a […]