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    How Cartoonist Keith Knight’s Life and Work Evolved Into Hulu’s Woke“Tell your authentic story. Because if you don’t, someone else will, and they’re going to screw it up.”
  2. Inside ‘Psusy,’ New Zealand’s Answer to ‘Broad City’The web series Psusy unabashedly proclaims itself to be the Broad City of New Zealand. The series stars Jaya Beach-Robertson and Aria Dehar as […]
  3. Jane Levy Gets in Character for ‘Sea Oak’ and ‘There’s…Johnny!’Jane Levy has acted in a number of movies and TV shows, but many people likely think of her starring role in the 2011-2014 sitcom Suburgatory. […]
  4. Ahead of Its Time, ‘The John Larroquette Show’ Was BrilliantIf you don’t remember The John Larroquette Show, it debuted on NBC in the fall of 1993. It’s never been released on DVD and isn’t available to […]
  5. 1942’s ‘Woman of the Year’ Remains a Contemporary Romantic Comedy, But Not […] This month Criterion is releasing Woman of the Year on DVD and Blu-ray. The 1942 film remains beloved in many circles for a number of […]
  6. Jay Chandrasekhar on the Rhythm of Comedy Jay Chandrasekhar is a writer, actor, comedian, and director. He was one of the founders of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard, and has directed […]
  7. How ‘His Girl Friday’, One of the Best Movies of All Time, Led to Today’s […] This month Criterion released His Girl Friday on Blu-ray and DVD – which for many film buffs is long overdue – and offers a chance to […]
  8. The Delightful Weirdness of ‘The Great Muppet Caper’ 2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they […]
  9. Paul Reiser Wants to Take You Back to the Glory Days of ‘The Tonight Show’ For the longest time Paul Reiser has been best known for co-creating and starring in the sitcom Mad About You. He’s written best selling […]
  10. How ‘Mad About You’ Perfected the Network Multi-Camera Sitcom It’s surprising to me that Mad About You doesn’t receive more attention and acclaim than it does. After all this was one of the biggest […]
  11. How Sea Tea Improv Built a Comedy Scene from ScratchIn 2009, seven people in Hartford, Connecticut founded a comedy troupe, Sea Tea Improv, and began holding regular shows. They started with […]
  12. Inside Portland’s ‘Live Wire! Radio’Live Wire! is a radio variety show recorded weekly in Portland, Oregon and broadcast on public radio stations across the country. “Radio […]
  13. Puck Magazine and the Birth of Modern Political CartooningIn the late 19th Century, long before Mad Magazine and the Daily Show, there was Puck. The magazine helped to change the very nature of […]
  14. Talking to Cartoonist Rich Stevens About His Comic Strip, ‘Diesel Sweeties’Rich Stevens’s comic strip Diesel Sweeties is an odd creation. An online strip with pixelated artwork, it features a strange cast of characters […]