1. overnights
    Top Chef Recap: There’s Nothing Quite Like Restaurant WarsThey could really rename this show ‘Top Ego.’
  2. overnights
    Top Chef Recap: It’s Not Always the Best Chef Who Makes It to the EndThis week’s episode set a new record for fighting.
  3. overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Bad on Top of Bad on Top of BadLet’s head on over to Dallas.
  4. braaaaaains
    Did The Walking Dead Have Fewer Zombies This Season?Or did it just feel that way? We got our stopwatch and found out.
  5. twitter
    What Did We Learn About Alec Baldwin This Week?The actor loves sharing personal factoids on Twitter.
  6. magic is might
    Highlights of Hogwarts: Harry Potter’s Best Spells, Coolest Creatures, Saddest Deaths, and MoreDobby, we’re still crying.
  7. overnights
    Amazing Race Finale Recap: Baby, They Got Me In All Sorts of Tight StuffDancing the samba, Brazilian waxes, and a tricycle race determined this season’s winner.
  8. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Gnome Sweet GnomeSomehow we’re already at the penultimate episode!
  9. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: We’re Just In It for the Fondue of ItLast night’s episode taught our contestants some fairly obvious lessons.
  10. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: He Used to Have Dreams About Sleeping With His MamaWhat would Freud have had to say about Kent and Vyxsin?
  11. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I’m Glad We Didn’t Have to Get in Those ThongsSomeone jumped in the Ganges river last night, while other teams played with poop. Seriously.
  12. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Can’t Disco When I’m PaintingYou probably didn’t notice, but last night’s episode had a lot of references to tea.
  13. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Do It for the HoodPerhaps we should rename this show ‘The Not-So-Amazing Cab Races.’
  14. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Am a Goat, I Am a TigerDid you go into this episode with PMA? We hope so.
  15. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Guess I’ll Learn to Keep My Mouth ShutA lot of mud-slinging went down in Japan.
  16. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Need You to Get Me Some ChildrenIt’s time for a roo’d awakening!
  17. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Don’t Even Take BathsYour favorite teams of past seasons are back, and they’re still making the same mistakes!
  18. chat room
    30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander on Karate“My only weaknesses are my math and reading — other than that, flawless.”
  19. overnights
    30 Rock Recap: Yes Shma’amThree weddings, a pilot, and a baby! And a half-Cher–half-Jenna hybrid man, obviously.
  20. lost
    The Latest Internet ‘Lost’ TheoriesWhat will happen in Sunday’s two-and-a-half-hour finale?
  21. lost
    Latest Lost Theories: Black and WhiteCatch up on the latest responses to this season’s most polarizing episode yet.
  22. lost
    The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesOur latest theory roundup questions MiB’s intentions, Lapidus’s death, and a few too many coincidences.
  23. lost
    Get Off My Boat: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesHas Smokey really been behind all the ghost Christian appearances?
  24. lost
    You’ve Got Liana On You: Latest Lost TheoriesWhat is Desmond up to in L.A., exactly?
  25. lost
    Desmond Delivers: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesSadly, no one had theories about why he didn’t take his shirt off.
  26. lost
    Human Trafficking: The Latest Online Lost TheoriesEveryone’s relieved that Desmond is “the package,” but what does it mean?
  27. lost
    To Hell and Back: The Latest Web Lost TheoriesSadly, no one figured out what brand of eyeliner Richard uses.
  28. lost
    The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesWhat’s the deal with Smokey and Widmore, anyway?
  29. oh em glee
    The Rest of Glee’s Season RevealedSPOILER ALERT. Though, really, Murphy did the spoiling — we just did the compiling.
  30. lost
    The Doctor Is In: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesDynamite and submarines and immortality, oh my!
  31. lost
    What Have We Learned on Lost So Far This Season?Quite a lot, actually!
  32. lost
    Choosing Sides: The Latest Theories on LostTalk of zombies, wishes granted, and the return of Shannon.
  33. lost
    The Name Game: The Latest Internet Lost TheoriesWhat’s in a name? As this week’s installment of ‘Lost’ reminded us, a whole lot.