1. encounter
    85 Minutes With Cecily StrongFinger painting with SNL’s favorite ditz impersonator.
  2. I Found This Funny: Judd Apatow’s Introduction to ReadingAuteur of underdogs–turned auteur of bromance, Judd Apatow is the fast-talking wordsmith who sits in the front row, spouting encyclopedic […]
  3. Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me: Portrait of the Comic as a Young ManThere’s something a little distasteful about humor for humor’s sake, something crude in trying to provoke laughter in strangers: I say this […]
  4. The Virginity Hit: The Humiliations of Growing Up, Made PublicMaybe you’ve noticed the signs during your morning subway commute. They’re almost believable for a split second: Still a virgin? Call the […]
  5. Our Bodies, Our Junk: Dr. Ruth it Ain’tWell, this book took me about a week longer than it should have to read. You really should be able to burn through it in a single day. Like […]