1. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Florida, BabyAs good as the writing and acting are, the flat animation style doesn’t live up to the energy and emotions of the live-action Maya and Anna.
  2. overnights
    PEN15 Midseason-Finale Recap: Oh, What a Night!The high of Anna and Maya’s onstage disaster-turned-triumph quickly gives way to a bleak — and perfectly teenage — ending.
  3. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Drama QueensAs nice as it is to see Maya and Anna growing as individuals, it’s hard to see them growing apart.
  4. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Secret BloodWhen it comes to revealing the unspoken indignities of female bodily functions, this show is peerless.
  5. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Chain of FoolsThis is about as real as adolescence gets, and it is very, very tough to watch.
  6. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Impractical MagicAdolescence is a curse, and there’s no breaking its spell.
  7. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Monday Night RawMaya and Anna will get over this incident eventually, but they’ll never get over patriarchy in general.
  8. overnights
    PEN15 Season-Premiere Recap: Desperate SlutsFaced with their own social irrelevance, Anna and Maya resort to the worst possible idea.
  9. overnights
    Euphoria Season Finale Recap: Guilty or InnocentA bravura final sequence confirms that this show has something meaningful to say about addiction in a completely original storytelling language.
  10. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Level UpAn ambitious episode that attempts to depict both sides of Rue’s bipolar disorder confirms Zendaya as this series’ beating heart.
  11. overnights
    Veronica Mars Season Finale Recap: Logan MarsAfter delivering pretty much everything you could want from a mystery finale, Veronica Mars gives its heroine one last heartbreaking push.
  12. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Part of the JobA near-miss shoot-out inspires big moments of revelation for Keith and Veronica, but at the cost of their new friendships.
  13. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Leo SeasonWhile the season’s mystery has wandered deep into the weeds, Max Greenfield should probably be investigated by the FBI for stealing scenes.
  14. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Trust IssuesKeith and Veronica get closer to two people who look more and more like prime suspects, and whose personal motives may be a little too relatable.
  15. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Let It ExplodeWith two episodes left to go in the season, this show is reaching the bottom of its bag of tricks.
  16. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Bald AvengersHalf of Neptune is trying to out-Veronica Veronica, and leaving plenty of headaches for her in their wake.
  17. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Still AngryVeronica may be the smartest woman in Neptune, but against the machinery of the moneyed, does she even stand a chance?
  18. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Small PackagesWith its usual wit and style, the show has stacked up an impressive roster of potential culprits in the Sea Sprite Motel bombing.
  19. overnights
    Veronica Mars Premiere Recap: Spring BreakdownIt’s hard to imagine a reboot for Veronica and friends that could go off much better than this one.
  20. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Me and My BoyfriendEveryone’s so desperate to live up to their idea of their imagined selves that they’re willing to endanger their real ones.
  21. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Cowardly HeartsAn episode set over one night at a school carnival is full of visual spectacle and empty teen-drama clichés.
  22. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Terrifying, Horrifying, and AcceptableOne thing this series really gets right about its teens is that they’re all mature in one way or another, just not in all of them.
  23. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: A Very Narrow Window of CoolHow long can this series churn through shock value before it reaches its quota?
  24. overnights
    Fleabag Finale Recap: How to LoveThe show’s final installment is not a collection of happy endings, but it is a collection of right ones.
  25. overnights
    Fleabag Recap: Bursting Into FlamesIn what might be its all-time best episode, Fleabag sets out to upend our expectations, and succeeds wildly.
  26. overnights
    Fleabag Recap: Articles of FaithJust because Fleabag wants to be told what to do doesn’t mean she wants to listen.
  27. overnights
    Fleabag Recap: A Person in BusinessThe best of this season’s many surprises has been the deepening of Fleabag and Claire’s relationship into a lifelike complexity.
  28. overnights
    Fleabag Recap: 40 Days and 40 NightsFeeling powerless in the face of her family drama, Fleabag is all too willing to let The Priest lead her into temptation.
  29. overnights
    Fleabag Season Premiere Recap: Who You BelieveA year on from the end of season one, Fleabag’s commitment to seemingly “good” behavior is really a self-induced punishment.
  30. vulture lists
    Every Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Song, RankedThe music of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend covers every topic from mental illness to period sex.
  31. overnights
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Series Finale Recap: 11 O’clockA perfectly pitched closer finds Rebecca and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend both coming to terms with themselves.
  32. close reads
    How Does Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s New Greg Stack Up to Original Greg?Replacing Santino Fontana with Skylar Astin between seasons changed the stakes for “Grebecca,” and for the series overall.
  33. overnights
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Multiple UnicornsFor Rebecca, who once saw a grand romantic destiny written in the skies all around her, is an authentic but low-key love enough?
  34. overnights
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Stand DownIf it really was necessary to call a truce in Rebecca and Audra’s “JAP Battle,” this is about as strong a wrap-up as we could have hoped for.
  35. overnights
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: EncoresThe series heads into its final stretch with an episode that takes the characters back to where they started, to see what’s changed and what hasn’t.
  36. overnights
    PEN15 Season Finale Recap: Don’t Leave MeMaya and Anna figure out how to move through their heartache together, and get to a place where they can care a little less.
  37. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Sister ActAn episode charting the highs and lows of having a friend over for a long-term stay builds to a make-or-break friendship moment for Maya and Anna.
  38. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Walk on the Wild SideThe series threads a tricky needle as it tackles the crown jewel of young-adult milestones: the first kiss.
  39. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Buddy ListMaya and Anna’s first foray into the wilds of AOL Instant Messenger conjures a time when technology represented endless possibility and mystery.
  40. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Say You’ll Be ThereThe series offers a nuanced depiction of awakening to prejudice — both as the person on the receiving end, and the person too privileged to see it.
  41. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Thongs of Innocence and ExperienceMaya and Anna’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties yields some great, weird, occasionally gross comedy.
  42. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Let’s Just Not CareOutstanding performances elevate an episode that explores the gap between the approval we want as adolescents, and what we actually receive.
  43. overnights
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: On the NoseAs Rebecca takes the first steps toward her “big dream,” the rest of her pals are caught up in various forms of chaos.
  44. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: She BopMaya’s sexual awakening, and the shame that accompanies it, is far from a feel-good story.
  45. overnights
    PEN15 Recap: Smoking in the Girls’ RoomAfter being shamed for their childish interests, Maya and Anna face a rapid series of teenage milestones.
  46. overnights
    PEN15 Series Premiere Recap: Ugliest Girl in SchoolThe Hulu series kicks off with a pitch-perfect realization of the scared, willful seventh-grader that lives inside each of us.
  47. overnights
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Let’s All Go to Raging WatersThe fun and waterslides are just window-dressing on a pitch-black episode about women overextending themselves.
  48. overnights
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Series Finale Recap: The End, DammitKimmy Schmidt gives its characters everything they ever wanted, without committing to a happily ever after.
  49. overnights
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Recap: Ill-Gotten GainsTitus’s journey into the soft underbelly of Cats is one of the most gleefully batshit storylines this show’s ever done.
  50. overnights
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Recap: Nevada PizzaAs Lillian and Kimmy try to reform unrepentant liars, Titus doubles down on being one.
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