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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Season-Finale Recap: Monica’s StoryEveryone, to some degree, ends up losing in Impeachment’s finale. But the biggest losers are Monica Lewinsky and her erstwhile friend Linda Tripp.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: Put Her in a FootnoteThe crimes are Bill Clinton’s, but the punishment is mostly borne by the women unlucky enough to find themselves in his proximity.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: Introducing Edie FalcoWe already know that Edie Falco can play a woman scorned, but it’s so good to be reminded.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: A TV Show of a TV ShowThat woman.” Perhaps the two most famous words Bill ever uttered.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: Operation Prom NightThe infamous “half-hour with a girl in a hotel room” sting.
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    Scenes From a Marriage Recap: The Monogamy ProblemThe finale suggests that Mira and Jonathan’s peculiar love story will never be through.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: The Nightmare Before ChristmasAs Monica looks to make a clean break, Linda goes deeper into a Washington world that had held her at arm’s length.
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    Scenes From a Marriage Recap: To Sign or Not to SignJonathan and Mira’s marriage has come to its end, and the legal contract becomes urgently significant. A decade of love erased by a ballpoint pen.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: Free MonicaAn episode full of phone calls where Monica and Linda have the same conversation over and over and over again.
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    Scenes From a Marriage Recap: An Ode to SolitudeA year has passed since Mira confessed her affair, and Jonathan and Mira wrestle over what went wrong and how to cope with their loneliness.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: Once More To the Diet Coke RoomThe bigger a character Bill becomes on the show, the meaner it seems each time the camera boomerangs to Linda’s TV dinners.
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    Scenes From a Marriage Recap: It’s Now or NeverIs the best way to end a marriage abruptly or gradually? Mira feels she needs to leave now or she never will.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Recap: The Heartbreak DietMonica finally confides the identity of her top-secret boyfriend, and Linda says the most annoying thing Linda could: “I knew it.”
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    Scenes From a Marriage Season-Premiere Recap: The Threat of SuffocationHBO’s adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s TV miniseries opens with Jon and Mira’s marriage maintaining its balance with small movements and half-truths.
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    Impeachment: American Crime Story Series-Premiere Recap: What Now, Linda?Impeachment: American Crime Story is light on crime and heavy on a certain ex-employee with a vindictive streak longer than the Starr report.
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    The Chair Series-Finale Recap: The System Is On NoticeNeither Pembroke nor The Chair’s finale deserve Ji-Yoon’s perseverance.
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    The Chair Recap: One Must Have a Mind of WinterDavid Duchovny enters the chat: “Is this hostility because Pembroke is, like, this lower-tier Ivy and I went to Princeton and Yale?”
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    The Chair Recap: Maybe Ji-Yoon Should QuitIt turns out utter thanklessness is a feature, not a bug, for the chair of Pembroke’s English department.
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    The Chair Recap: David Duchovny Will Save UsIf Bill isn’t going to take the outrage he has caused seriously, at least he’s a good babysitter for Juju.
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    The Chair Recap: The Disaffected Middle-Age White Male Professor ClichéThe study of literature isn’t the only thing in decline at Pembroke; so is Bill’s reputation.
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    The Chair Series-Premiere Recap: The Ivory Tower Is FallingAs the new chair of the English department, Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim’s vision of its future takes a back seat to its many existential crises.
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    The White Lotus Season-Finale Recap: Mess With a Guest, Die Like the RestA dark and hectic finale delivers on all its promises. The hotel staff is left completely totaled, and the squirmy, unthinking rich are just leaving.
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    The White Lotus Recap: Hateful Is the Dark-Blue SkyWe finally see the Pineapple Suite and it’s too pineapple-y.
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    The White Lotus Recap: What Do You Stand For?When they’re not distracting themselves, the guests try to pinpoint what is important to them and come up empty.
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    The White Lotus Recap: Sex TalksA sex-driven episode is variously divisive, clandestine, lusty, affirming, embarrassing, and solitary — but never very sexy.
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    The White Lotus: Hawaiian K-HoleShane is now fighting a two-front war between Armand’s Pineapple Suite obstruction and his new wife’s growing existential crisis.
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    The White Lotus Premiere Recap: Tropical KabukiHell is other people on your vacation.
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    The Nevers Part-One Finale Recap: On the Origin of TrueThis series is completely batshit.
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    The Nevers Recap: Penny and the B-SidesA much tidier episode than we’ve come to expect offers a rewarding glimpse into what makes Amalia’s first lieutenant tick.
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    The Nevers Recap: WhodunnitEvery answer on this show begets more questions, not because the world is getting more complicated, but because the answers are incomplete.
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    The Nevers Recap: Hold the PhoneLittle by little, secrets are starting to eke out — but to what end?
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    The Nevers Recap: Freak ShowsThe shape of the true enemy becomes clearer in an episode more concerned with society’s response to the touched than the riddle of their existence.
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    The Nevers Series Premiere Recap: Who Are the Touched?Joss Whedon’s steampunk sci-fi adventure kicks off with a mess of questions, and a half-answer to something we weren’t really even wondering about.