1. two friends
    ‘We’re Still Here’The country-music industry tried to turn Rissi Palmer and Miko Marks into rivals. It failed.
  2. profile
    In Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, Yola Becomes Her Own HeroWhat would rock and roll — or all of music — be without its architect Sister Rosetta Tharpe? For starters, no Yola.
  3. essay
    Just Another Morning in Good Ol’ AmericaMorgan Wallen’s GMA interview didn’t so much begin a redemption tour as it did extend a winning streak that’s gone strong for decades.
  4. essay
    What Reckoning?Country music is exactly where it was a year ago, when the dam on the industry’s ocean of racism supposedly broke. Duh.
  5. this is country music
    Morgan Wallen Is a Problem of Country Music’s Own MakingIf Wallen is going to be packaged and pushed aside as an abhorrent anomaly, a false narrative gets to go unchecked.
  6. obits
    Charley Pride Deserved Better Than What Country Music Could Ever Give HimIt’s not enough to say he was first, that he was great, that he was an inspiration to Black people also wanting to believe in a career in country.
  7. lady a
    Anita ‘Lady A’ White Will Not Be Erased“If you want to be an advocate or an ally, you help those who you’re oppressing. And that might require you to give up something.”
  8. lady a
    If Country Music Wants to Reckon With Its Racism, Look Deeper Than the Bad NamesEven if we are to give “Lady A” credit for their gesture, we must also acknowledge that it should be but the catalyst of far deeper work.