1. right on
    Aw, Yeah: New Museum Saves ‘Hell, Yes!’Exclusive: Originally loaned for a two-year exhibition, the piece was recently purchased for the museum by trustees.
  2. architecture
    Float On: Architectural Treasure Heads DownstreamIts creator once proudly described the house as “a bold little ugly banal box.”
  3. news reel
    At P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Things Get PoliticalNow that Bush has left office, is political art becoming more accessible?
  4. news reel
    Recession-Addled Art World Weighs Return to Barter System at Group Show’We’ve exchanged work with people, but we haven’t said ‘You give me your Rolex and I’ll give you a piece of art’ … Not yet.’
  5. art candy
    Artists Sol Sender, Andy Keene, and Amanda Gentry Work Toward an ‘O’See the evolution of an Obama logo.
  6. art candy
    Artist Matthew McGuinness Looks Back in AngerGeorge W. Bush may have helicoptered off into the sunset yesterday, but artist Matthew McGuinness reminds that 43’s legacy won’t soon be forgotten.
  7. art candy
    Artist Liz Renay Ruins It for EverybodyRenay, the late burlesque diva, gangster moll, and John Waters muse, occupied her reflective moments by painting erotic kitsch.
  8. art candy
    Artist Samara Golden Redecorates the BatcaveGolden’s diorama-like installation turns a basement nook into what appears to be the cluttered vanity of a media-obsessed eighties teenager.
  9. art candy
    Artist Nancy Spero Bullish on Kate Winslet’s Oscar ShotSpero has been plumbing the totems and taboos of the human (especially female) psyche for more than a half-century.
  10. art candy
    Artist Richard Aldrich Draws a BlankT.S. Eliot said the bloody-minded playwright John Webster ‘saw the skull beneath the skin,’ and here artist Richard Aldrich demonstrates a similar X-ray aptitude.
  11. art candy
    Artist Gardar Eide Einarsson Brakes for PopesWere you to encounter this bleak road sign, what would be the appropriate response?
  12. news reel
    Artwork Goes Miraculously Un-Stepped-On at Perilous Group Show’If I was the gallerist, I would have a heart attack.’
  13. news reel
    Marlene Dumas Retrospective Stays Just This Side of PornographyThe exhibition celebrates the first 30 years of her tremendous career.
  14. news reel
    Recession-Affected Artists Reduced to Working With Printer PaperCalled ‘8 1/2 x 11 / A4,’ the group show featured more than 70 pieces by artists who’d been asked to use an empty sheet of white printer-type paper as the starting point for their work.
  15. art candy
    Artist Marianne Vitale Pitches a Tent in HellOne of the standout works on display at Art Basel is a vision of making a new home in hell.
  16. art candy
    Artist Shai Azoulay Falls Asleep at the CanvasIf the sleep of reason creates monsters, does the sleep of creativity create … paintings?
  17. news reel
    Pipilotti Rist Turns MoMA Into a Gigantic Vagina Eye’It’s actually an eye,’ says Rist.
  18. news reel
    Shiny Art-World Celebrities Turn Out for Performa’s Metal BallA team of ‘wardrobe specialists’ was on hand to make silver-Mylar turbans and other accoutrements for any non-shiny guests.
  19. news reel
    Vulture Exclusive: Emily Jacir on Winning the Hugo Boss Prize’Particularly in America as an Arab-American, to win this award and have an exhibition at the Guggenheim museum, I feel incredibly honored.’
  20. politics
    Jeffrey Deitch Wants a Basquiat in the White HouseWhile Obama continues to put together his Cabinet in Washington, Deitch and his art-world colleagues are working to install one of their own at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  21. art
    The Paintings at Terence Koh’s New Show Are Possibly Edible’There might be some semen in there, I don’t know. Who knows.’
  22. art candy
    Artist Daniel McDonald Does the Monster MashDaniel McDonald’s latest figurine-studded dioramas reenact the struggle for autonomy among the creative classes.
  23. art candy
    Artist Olaf Breuning Submits the Worst-Ever ‘Project Runway’ ApplicationAs glamour shots go, this one is overflowing with such playful grotesquerie that the only response is a gagging retch crossed with a laugh.
  24. art candy
    Artist Mary Heilmann Paints Little BoxesMary Heilmann cuts through the genre’s occasional academicism with lush colors and a woozily applied impasto that suggest she’s having a great, groovy time.
  25. art candy
    Artist Roman Signer’s Musical Tastes Have Really Gone to SeedWhat does a flower sound like? No, that’s not a question from last night’s debate but rather one of the synaesthetic stumpers posed by Swiss artist Roman Signer.
  26. art candy
    Artist Michael Krebber: Board to PiecesAlthough Starbuck’s reintroduction of the pumpkin-spice latte means that fall has officially arrived, sculptor Michael Krebber is keeping the summer alive.
  27. art candy
    Artist Keith Jones Splits the Difference Between ‘Where’s Waldo’ and ‘The Road’So where is Waldo? Probably holed up in his basement with stockpiled canned goods and a sawed-off Remington pump action.
  28. art candy
    Artist Aura Rosenberg Is Loving Angels (of the Apocalypse) InsteadRilke observed that “every angel is terrifying,” and that certainly goes for the rapture-ready seraph in this collage.
  29. art candy
    Artist Rirkrit Tiravanija Uncovers Some Astonishing Things About the Politics of Vermont HippiesTiravanija’s work is based on photographs of demonstrations published in the ‘International Herald Tribune’ over the past six years.