1. today in 2029
    Inside the the World’s First Mainstream Album Made With AIHolly Herndon walks us through how she made Proto using her “inhuman child,” Spawn.
  2. obits
    Daniel Johnston Was a Hero for the WoundedOne of Austin’s strangest, most endearing, and most misunderstood musical icons died this week.
  3. vulture lists
    Every Nirvana Song, RankedThirty years after the band’s debut album, we look back at their entire catalogue.
  4. obits
    Dr. John’s Peculiar Yet Undeniable New Orleans LegacyIt’s almost impossible to conceive of that city without hearing Rebennack’s gravelly, syrupy draaawwwl accompanying it.
  5. obits
    Roky Erickson Was the Patron Saint of Psychedelic EscapeAs frontman for the 13th Floor Elevators, Erickson birthed the very idea of psychedelia in the 1960s.
  6. remembrances
    Scott Walker Was So Much More Than the Walker BrothersWhen he became disenchanted with the strictures of fame, Scott Walker struck a singular path away from it.
  7. remembrances
    Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis and the Language of Silence“It was just not wanting to repeat what you’ve done. All the time, you’re getting older and everything and nothing is static.”
  8. music
    How Japanese Ambient Music Became a Thing in America“It’s music of high artistic merit, and that alone is the root reason why people gravitate to it.”
  9. interview
    How Jessica Pratt Zoned Out and Made the Calmest Album of Her Career“I don’t feel I have to seek refuge from the world in order to create.”
  10. interview
    Panda Bear Wants You to Pay Attention“I guess if there’s a common theme to all the songs, it’s either humility or it’s a love letter to humanity.”
  11. vulture lists
    A Brief History of Rock Musicians Who Went ElectronicIncluding the time Eric Clapton made an album about shopping.
  12. music
    Nicolas Roeg’s Musical LegacyYou can thank him for acting roles from David Bowie, Randy Newman, and also the career of Hans Zimmer.
  13. histories
    Neneh Cherry’s Key Musical MomentsThe legendary singer on the songs that made her career.
  14. Kamasi Washington Brought Jazz to a Pop Audience, but Where Does He Go Next?He remains the rare jazz artist to have their name appear in a big, legible font on Coachella posters.
  15. obits
    Remembering Hugh MasekelaThe South African jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and prominent activist has died.
  16. The Unexpected Longevity of ‘Weird Al’ YankovicThe master of song parody continues to thrive in unexpected ways.
  17. Revisiting Animal Collective’s Influential Sung TongsSome 13 years on, the album’s charms remain largely intact.
  18. The Lasting Influence of the RaincoatsWhen Kurt Cobain got ahold of their first album he said, “It made me happier than playing in front of thousands of people each night.”
  19. The Murky and Moody World of King KruleThe Ooz is his most powerful statement yet — and it almost didn’t get made.
  20. vulture lists
    Space is the Place: A Somewhat Comprehensive Guide to Sun Ra’s Cosmic JazzThe jazz legend has a formidable back catalogue. This is your guide to where (and how) to dive in.
  21. This Is the Best Meditation MusicZoning out isn’t easy, so here’s some meditation music to help get you there.
  22. Meet the Legendary Producer That Time ForgotPatrick Adams was responsible for some of music’s biggest hits. Why don’t we talk about him more?
  23. a decade later
    Don’t Look Back: Animal Collective Grow UpTen albums in, family remains a recurrent theme for Animal Collective, the childlike energy that underpinned early records giving way to a band with children of their own.